One Blood

One Blood

Michel Antonio Camille was born on the 27th October 1968 in Victoria Mahe Seychelles.
His dad a cultural “moutia” musician. Moutia being the authentic music of Seychelles coming from the African slaves brought to Seychelles in the 1700-1800.

In 1994 he left Seychelles for London UK , to further his studies is London in Banking and Finance.

But things turned differently and he became a street artist instead, playing songs of Bob Marley on the streets of London and also in the London Underground stations.

He learned to play guitar and singing after arriving in as London in 1994 by himself by listening to some cassette he had brought over from Seychelles.

In the space of two years he was hustling on the streets with other musicians.
He met a very renowned drummer Gabby Duncan. He played with London based Ruff Cut band and to name other artist like the late Bim Sherman , Johnny Clarke , The Congos just to name a few.

Gabby was to become his best friend Reggae music teacher and mentor. Together they played in pubs until he came back to Seychelles in 2006 and started to record.
Faith is the first song he recorded in Seychelles of which he produced by himself.
He met a French poet Thomas Barrois  and formed the band One Blood in 2013. Barrois left for France and Camille decided to work on a debut album soon to be released later this year.

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