Thomani Tshikororo

thomani tshikororoThomani Tshikororo

A leading international reggae artist from South Africa. His musical interest started back in 1999, but without the financial backing of a big record company behind him, he was forced to seek alternative means to make money for making music. He takes more of his time nurturing his music style to be what it is today and only released his debut disc on 01/06/2013, composed in his studio called Home and dry records which he started in 2009. His music is now available for downloads around the world almost in all online big stores.

Thomani Tshikororo music will rock you as you have never been rocked before, with his voice that resemble and remind you of the reggae legend Bob Marley. He is a world reggae singer from South Africa and his debut CD ‘My time’ (2013) is making waves around the world. This is the singer who has a great studio and live music performing experience. His music is smooth, refreshing and livelier. It teaches about love, political and religious views. His musical style is roots and dance reggae, heavily influenced by the artist like Steel pulse,Bob Marley, Jacky Nethomboni, Toots and the Maytals and other dancehall reggae artists.

Thomani Tshikororo is also involved in producing reggae music for other artiste, He produced and edited Chief Nemakanga debut disc (Mahaya ashu), Played, engineer and produced Ras Janngi (Dzhanngi), and Bennet Maletha (Marifhi) reggae albums. Thomani Tshikororo is the force to be reckoned with in music circle. Thomani Tshikororo music is well received by the global audience as he has fans all over around the world e.g. USA, ISRAEL, AUSTRIA, UK, AFRICA etc.( Fans testimonial available on request from radio airplay).His music is the finest if not the greatest South African reggae music of all times. Music published by Home and dry records cc (South africa).





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