Originating from the tropical rainforest of Kuranda in Far North Queensland, Australia, Zennith have been dubbed a creative force, producing high-energy rocking reggae rhythms and rhymes, embracing their diversity solid mix of roots, reggae, rock, funky hip-hop and indigenous world music.

Zennith has diverse range of ages & experience in the band; made up of the Brim family, Dad Willie and sons Astro and Aden, as well as some brothers from other mothers resulting in a collaborative effort that not only has extreme musical chemistry, but also a cross-section of generations with a similar vision.

Zennith are passionate about their cultural heritage, and sharing that heritage to the greater public. It is this passion that is aptly demonstrated in their music, lyrics and performances. They take great pride in performing music in culturally diverse locations. The way Zennith slot into communities is remarkable, and this ultimately opens doors for more indigenous bands to come on through.

Zennith released their debut album Nothin’ To Lose in 2010 distributed by MGM. Nothin’ To Lose certainly isn’t the album you might expect from a band heralding from almost the tip of Queensland. It’s tight, clean and features some truly amazing expressive songwriting. The songs have hooks, and meaning, and it’s not just the instrumentation that is impressive, it’s the diversity and ability of all of the musicians involved, from their playing to their vocals. Plus it’s a record that doesn’t stick solidly to one specific genre, resulting in 12-tracks of songs that don’t all sound the same.

This band of brothers not only brings with it a passionate love for music but also a very tight musicianship, which pours onto the stage with ease and humility. This is a band that really has what it takes to bring it home to the finish leading a well crafted charge from their opening and familiar reggae styles all the way through to their explosive finale! Their energy on stage and ability to connect with the crowd is unsurpassed and it’s little wonder these boys are finding their place in the stars.

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