Crosby Bolani heading to Japan

Crosby Bolani heading to Japan 2020

When renowned DJ and legendary Japanese producer DJ Krush came to Cape Town in 2008 through an invitation from Red Bull, he got a chance to meet with one of the talented member and founder of the Chronic Clan – a Cape Town based group that pioneered and propelled Reggae and Dancehall to higher heights in the region.Krush and his manager went to visit Crosby in Gugulethu, the visit was facilitated by another great talent from Cape Town, Teba Shumba, known as the social worker also a member of the Chronic Clan. He knew that Crosby will match with DJ Krush as he is a known lyricist and can mush a Hip Hop beat, ride on a dancehall riddim and reason on a One Drop riddim effortlessly, hence he is called Crosby the Versatile. When DJ Krush heard Crosby’s songs which he recorded in 2014, he instantly wanted to work with Crosby. In 2015 Crosby was featured on DJ Krush’s Massive Dance/Electronic Hip Hop album :The Butterfly Effect, with the track Sibayi One. This is Crosby flexing his hip hop side with honest and authentic lyrics.

In 2019, during one of his tours, Crosby had a chance meeting and impromptu performance alongside DJ Krush in Basil, Switzerland, and they performed the song live together for the first time and that gave birth to the idea of Crosby visiting Japan to perform with DJ Krush on his soundsystem showcase. Crosby will head to Japan for his debut tour and perform alongside DJ Krush in Tokyo and Osaka on 21 and 24 February 2020, five years after the recording of the track Sibayi One.

Crosby will be accompanied by DJ Low (ex-culture manager at Red Bull who booked DJ Krush in Cape Town in 2008,) an old associate of Crosby who has been influential Crosby’s musical journey.

Before heading to Japan, Crosby will perform at the Annual Bob Marley One Love Festival in Durban on 8th February, 2020 alongside The Meditators, Nkulee Dube, Black Dillinger, The Sons of Selassie. He will be fronting for Cape Town’s legendary reggae band, Azania Band. He also recently performed at the annual Reggae inna Park festival in Rietvlei, Cape Town. A grass roots community based event striving to uplift the youth faced with huge challenges in their daily lives. Crosby walks the talk, his commitment to the ghetto youth is evident in the type of projects that he engages in. His lyrics are honest and authentic, challenging and questioning. He speaks about the daily struggle of poor people in the ghettos, about nature and it’s destruction, his livity as a Rastafarian, and his knowledge of African culture and history.


Siyasanga Crosby Bolani affectionately known as Digi-Analog, or simply, The Versatile Crosby, is a multi-talented artist and producer, whose songs are based on social commentary. Born in Cape Town, he grew up in Gugulethu, a place known for its artistic flair and creativity. The place where Chronic Clan was established and went on to produce Cape Town talent. He has traveled an toured extensively in Europe in the festival circuit and Club circuits (Reggae Jam, Africa Festival Würzburg, Bersenbrück Reggae Jam) and in the Continent (Mauratius, ReUnion Isand, Congo), performing with a wide range of artists in different genres, living up to his moniker, ‘Its Crosby The Versatile’. Here at home he also appears on local festivals and events. No event is too small or too big for him, Digi-Analog remains a true versatile soldier.

Despite all these accolades, he remains humble and wise, a workaholic who always strive for quality rather than hype. He blends well with different producers from different corners of the globe, as evidenced in his debut studio album, A better Place, which was recorded in Munich Germany with the Next Generation Band. He is also featured on the Righteous Fire Riddim produced Ras Mikko Cipó Rossi at StudioRed in Helsinki, Finland, due for release this year. He headlines the Tough Times Riddim, produced by Be Wild Production with instrumentals played live by Azania Band. The featured track called Perilous Times and he has already shot the visuals in Goma, Congo and Cape Town will also be unleashed this year. His most rewarding encounter thus far, is the feature on Mark Wonder’s forthcoming album which is also due for release this year.

He is currently working on more singles to be released this year, again working with different producers from around the globe; and from the little that we heard, the sounds coming, are a mature tell tale and testament of the musical journey of the one Digi-Analog Crosby.




Hear dis. Crosby on a Shakalaka Sound Riddim from Sardegnia, Italy


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