Sons of Selassie

Sons of SelassieSons of Selassie

Founding Members 
Clive Hartzenberg (Bro Dali) |
Charles Jenkins (Bro Manchi) |
Micheal Jones (RIP)
Errol “Bong” Straghen (Rudimentals)

Formed:  1985 Cape Town

Cape Town’s original Reggae band, the Sons of Selassie first started playing in the bush in Strandfontein village to Lotus River yard in Cape Town. From Rastas living in creation (the bush) to an international Reggae band.

Sons of Selassie was formed during the struggle against Apartheid spreading the message of peace love unity justice and equality for all people. The band united all people black brown red and white in times of the struggle for freedom.

They were performing at Political rallies becoming very popular in Cape Town and became to be known as the People’s band

Rastafari is part of the fight for freedom. Reggae music played a significant role during the struggle against apartheid. Sons of Selassie played at Union rallies to end conscription campaign, UDF rallies, Council  of  Churches (western Cape)  and at ANC Gumbas (political gathering underground music event)

They were under the watch and scrutiny of the Security branch because they performed struggle songs at political rallies, singing songs of freedom for all people. Reggae music

In 1985, 4 months after band was formed they recorded 10 songs for the national broadcaster, SABC The band’s music was broadcast on TV that same year.

The band had the biggest following in Cape Town and played on every major festivals and all Universities many shows.They performed in Cape Town Good Hope centre with acts like Brenda Fassie, Chico and were the supporting act for Lucky Dube for his first gig in Cape Town.

Sons of Selassie were the most publicized band (although they had no album released that time) in print media,  and they performed in diverse music festivals, clubs, community chest carnivals; and at the Wynberg Mardi Grass Paarl Festival,  Monwabisi Festival  and Sunny Ocean Reggae Festival ; Music Unite  International Reggae Fest 2013, Blue Waters Strandfontein Cape Town alongside Capleton from Jamaica.

In 1989 they had their First Release titled RASTA REBEL on cassette and produced limited copies which were sold out at gigs.

The first album “CHANGES” (vinyl/cassette local CD international) was recorded in 1991 and released in 1992 with international distribution in Europe, North America, Australia and Japan

The band started moving and making TV appearances followed by  big shows across the borders and also entered the Coca cola full blast music show.

They Performed at Joburg Jamboree and Melville Street Festival , Switching on the lights Joburg (with  Hugh Masekela) Rockey Stree Fest.

The Band Played at ANC rallies in (1993/94) and at the Nelson Mandela campaign in Soweto, Sebokeng Boipothong, Sharpville (on Sharpville Day) and at Tembisa Okasie Brits

Sons of Selassie established the Youth Musikal Project teaching youths from disadvantaged areas, where the band comes from  thereby giving back to their  community and “Reggae Ina Park”,  an annual community concert that has been running from 1998 till present and  still going strong and is one of the big Reggae events on the Cape Town music scene

Bro Manchi, the lead vocalist of the band also fronted The Wailers Band on their African tour in November 2009 in Cape Town and Gauteng

They work with Rebelstone Music Lab, youths from the youth musical project , doing productions.

The song LOVE IS (STRONG) was produced and co written by Skeleton the Scientist, from Rebelstone Music Lab and is making waves on the gospel scene in USA bigging up the youths from the  ghettos and make them forward  with musical works, Reggae musical works, for the future . They formed A.M.T  Records, an independent label to promote conscious healing meditation music for Afrika from Afrika –Afrikan Meditation Time Records.

To spread love unity one god one aim one destiny


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