Denroy Morgan - Missing You

Denroy Morgan pushes African Family with new EP – Missing You

Morgan Heritage Patriarch Denroy Morgan pushes African Family with new EP – Missing You

Denroy Morgan - Missing You

Title:Missing You EP
Artist: Denroy Morgan
Featured Artists: Nysha David | L’titude | Vaga Vybz | QNel | Bravoo
Genre: Reggae
Release: April 2019
Distributed by: VPAL

Reggae singer Denroy Morgan has come full circle. He started out as a solo singer scoring a huge pop hit, “I’ll Do Anything For You”, in 1981, before dedicating his life to pushing the efforts of his children, Morgan Heritage and LMS, to international fame. Now, he has returned to the music industry, to push the careers of African reggae singers, young men who he says are members of his “extended spiritual family”.

Recently, Morgan resurrected his music career, returning to the stage with his band, the Black Eagles, and he also sought out recording talent from the worlds treasure chest known as Africa. He spent several months recording an EP entitled ‘Missing You‘, recording tracks with artistes such as Nyasha David of Zimbabwe, L’titude of South Africa, Vagavybz of Rwanda, Q-Nel of Ghana, and Bravoo of Kenya.

“These young men are my sons of the outer circle, the children of the outer circle, my spirit family, and they are incredibly talented and I have the blueprint to introduce them to the world,” he said.

Morgan is the father of 30 children, 15 of whom he shares with Hyacinth Morgan, affectionately called ‘Emo’. He has been able to use the sheer force of his presence and his charisma to introduce new artistes to the world. He did it first with Morgan Heritage, a reggae band formed in 1994 by five of his children namely Peter “Peetah” Morgan, Una Morgan, Roy “Gramps” Morgan, Nakhamyah “Lukes” Morgan, and Memmalatel “Mr. Mojo” Morgan. Morgan Heritage have toured internationally and released a number of reggae albums including the 2015 Grammy Award winning Strictly Roots. He also enjoyed success with the group LMS, which included his son  Laza  “One By One” Morgan who has had some of his own hit records as well.

“This EP featuring the Youth of Africa is the precursor to the release of the upcoming Denroy Morgan & the Black Eagles Band album which will be focused on Africa and its people.” he said.


Nysha David | Zimbabwe

L’titude | South Africa

L'titude x Denroy Morgan - Missing You

VagaVybz | Rwanda

Q-Nel | Ghana

Q-Nel x Denroy Morgan - Missing you

Bravoo | Kenya

Bravoo Afrika X Denroy Morgan - Missing You




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