Daughters of Legends

Musical icons and legends leave their mark with the timeless music they create and thereby immortalising them and their works. At times it is a natural extension within the family as the Icon bestows on his or her offspring the lasting legacy. It is not an easy feat to follow in the footsteps of giants and carry the mantle. Being born in the musical family is a blessing, having a famous parent or parents can be a blessing as it opens up many a door, but can be a challenge as there are too many expectations set on you as can be attested to by these daughters of legends. We look at daughters of legends who are continuing with the works of their famous parent(s), as they chart and forge their own path in their own ways.

11. Cen’C Love
Daughter of the living legend Bunny Wailer, Cen’C Love skillfully fuses reggae with jazz.

Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Fashion Designer, Visual Artist, Cen’C Love is a 21st century renaissance woman. With the sultry voice and soulful sounds of a Billie Holiday, the musicianship of Lauren Hill and the word wit of Jill Scott, Cen’C, the daughter of Reggae icon Bunny Wailer, continues the musical tradition of the illustrious “Wailers” family of Reggae.

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Cen’C Love Press Kit

10. Oge Kimono
Ogechukwu Onwubuya, known as Oge Kimono, is the daughter of reggae artist Ras Kimono. She is the first of five daughters, grew up in Germany and recently returned home to Nigeria to kick off her musical career as a solo artists continuing the legacy of her father. She performs with her father on occasions, but is determined to leave her own imprint and legacy in the Nigerian Reggae Dancehall scene and beyond. In this interview she recounts what it was like growing with her father.

In this Interview she recounts what it was like growing up with her father:  Ladies Throw themselves at my dad.

Oge Kimono – Drum n Bass

9. K’Reema
Kareema Forster is a Brooklyn native who is young fresh and set to break into the music world stage with her quirky funky attitude and style. She goes by the name K’Reema and she is the daughter King YellowMan.

My dad has had a major impact on my influences and views on music in many ways. One thing about Yellowman, he has a big love and appreciation for music. Growing up, we were exposed to all kinds of music very early and often. Knowing he is as legendary as he is, and knowing the challenges and adversity he faced getting to his height of success, it keeps me with that burning passion to work hard, and harder at my craft, if for nothing other than to make him and my family proud. K’reema.

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K’reema – Fathers Love

8. Lovella Ellis
Lovella Ellis is the beautiful daughter of the God Father of  Rocksteady, Alton Ellis. She is based in London and has steadily created her own following and is well known in the music scene.

“I could never walk in my dad’s footsteps, let alone my auntie’s. I am still young, and I know that it takes time to achieve that level of wisdom and greatness. Dad used to say, ‘humble calf drinks the most milk’, and I do believe that,” Lovella Ellis.

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Lovella Ellis – Love on Top

7. Hempress Sativa
Kerida Johnson, known as Hempress Sativa, is the daughter of the legendary Selector, Albert ‘Ilawi Malawi’ Johnson, of Jah Love Sound System. She is among the latest wave of roots-reggae revival acts.

My music is kinda fiery. It’s spirited, message-music really. I aim towards trying to spark interest, and to provoke thoughts into the individual’s mind that would listen to my music. I wouldn’t put it in any genre, because I dabble in a lot of genres; African, reggae, hip-hop, it doesn’t matter. I don’t want to limit myself to just being a reggae artiste, I’m not just that, but I do a lot of reggae. Hempress Sativa

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Hempress Sativa -Kushite Love

6.Nkulee Dube
Nkulee Dube, daughter of the late Lucky Dube carries the family name on her shoulder. She has managed to turn the fans she inherited from her father into her own huge following.

“When I travel around the world, people are like, ‘We are just happy there is someone taking over, putting on your dad’s shoes,’ ” Dube says. “I’m like, ‘What? I cannot put on those shoes. They’re very heavy!’ “

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Nkulee Dube – Love the Way

5. Una Morgan
Denroy Morgan passed on his legacy to all his children who went on to form Morgan Heritage, Reggae’s Royal Family and inspire a whole new generation of artists and musicians.

Yeah, the group was always there because our father saw the talent in us from when we were really young and he knew that I was going to be singer and Gramps was going to be a singer and Lukes would play guitar and Mr. Mojo started when he was really young. But growing up in school we were always put in school. Una Morgan.

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Una Morgan – Giving

4. Yeshemabeth McGregor
Shema Mcgregor as she is affectionately known, is a daughter of two legends, Freddy Mcgregor and Judy Mowatt. A sister to Chino and Stephen ‘Di Genius’ Mcgregor. She toured with her father doing back up vocals, was instrumental in organising the World Sound System Festival, a Big Ship Music Inc. production. She is the First Lady of Big Ship Music.

“Music is always evolving, so I must evolve too. Music is my passion, so I touch, taste, breath and live music. I am a composed melody, surrounded by the harmony of nature that influences the changing arrangements that are constantly being re-arranged, and will continue to do so until I am no-more,” Shema Mcgregor.

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Shema McGregor – Whatever you Like

3. Marla Brown
Marla Brown is the youngest daughter of legendary reggae singer Dennis Brown. She goes by the name Marla B and has just recently released a video for her single Superstar.

D. Brown’s legacy lives on and is strong in the Brown children, all of whom are musically inclined, Marla spent some years as a dancer before embarking on her fledgling singing career. She is in Jamaica to not only complete her own upcoming EP, but also to spearhead tributes to her father whose February 1 birthday is celebrated world-wide.

Marla B – Superstar

2. Xana Romeo
Daughter of Max Romeo, Roots Reggae Legend, Xana Romeo, together with his lil brother Rominal, are definitely set to carry the mantle. With three singles below her belt, hanging out at Yaad Core Jamaica with the likes of Keida and Kelissa, she is sure to break through anytime soon now.

Well my dad already gave value to the Romeo name, so I wish to keep that valuable not by just being known for continuing the works but to not adjust to fit, I believe that if I be me the world will adjust and that what I intend on doing. I’m not just another rapped up Rasta girl singing about her love for H.I.M, or the hunger of the people, I’m Xana, I do “music without makeup” no prettying up for acceptance.  Not saying that I don’t wear makeup.. lol..but I won’t shape my words for the acceptance of Babylon.

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Xana Romeo – Rate Rasta


1. Queen Ifrika
She is one who does not need an introduction, her talent alone got her where she is and it was only when she was already famous that we discovered she is the daughter of Ska music legend, Derrick Morgan.

Queen Ifrika – The Official Mixtape