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Doc Inity (Kebra Ethiopia Sound System)

Doc Inity

Doc Inity @kebraethiopia

Doc Inity

Name:Lekentle Mohlala
Genre: Roots Reggae | Dub| Foundation |
DJ Type: Soundsystem
Area: South Africa / Gauteng
Contact: Email: | Tel: +27 812560600
Mixtape Link: Soundcloud



Doc Inity

Doc inity has been playing reggae music in the ghetto hometown of KWATHEMA since he was 17 years old. Due to financial constraints and an uncanny understanding of the music and empathy for the people he was playing the music for solely for the messages and positive that served uplift the community. Although apartheid laws and restrictions: there were little to no vinyl stores and the music proved very hard to collect/import but he persevered, this became people named this tradition a ‘glory’ not only to Rastafarianism but to Africa as a whole. Kebra Ethiopia (Glory to Africa) sound system has always played reggae music that concerns itself with socio economic issues, ghetto living, equality, repatriation, oppression and Rastafari Livity for over 10years in community parks.

While on this journey that transpired to affect the community the sound system naturally was able to recruit and inspire young people living amongst him to be part of this tradition. Due to the hardships exacerbated by economic inequality this became an important integral socializing space of meditation for the youth. From this the University of Steppas came to be. Dancing especially in unity, has always been a South African culture; and has always been a tradition in the reggae movement. . Dancing/Skanking plays an important role in alleviating the above mentioned communal problems by being an example and positive observation by other youth hence keeping them off the streets away from the crime, drugs etc. by literally coming to the dance and being ‘in-­‐session’. Kebra Ethiopia Sound aim to communicate spiritually through roots and culture maintaining African pride, integrity and authenticity, through reggae music.

Past Performances :
Dub Camp Festival – France
Rototom Festival – Spain
Dour Festival – Belgium
Amsterdam Soundystem Weekender – Netherlands
Zion Station – Italy
Irie Vibes Roots festival – Belgium

and also performed in these countries : Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Ireland, Poland, Mexico, Israel, Colombia, Reunion Island, Italy and Sardinia.

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