Kebra Ethiopia Sound and University of Steppas to Tour Italy

Kebra Ethiopia Sound System is continuing the mission of exporting the uniquely South African dancing style called the King Steppa or just Steppas, this time around taking it to Italy. At the controls is the humble lion Doc Inity who will be enforced by the the University of Dub Steppas to show them how it is done inna Mzansi Afrika. The sound system from Kwa Thema has been flying the South African Flag in the Dub Fraternity and are renowned ambassadors of the South African Dub Experience. The Italian tour promises to be an eventful one with 3 dates set in different cities.They will kick off the tour on May, 9  in Salerno, south of Italy, a region that is full of reggae vybz. The next stop will be in Frosinone, two hours away from Rome where Dub resides,  and has seen the likes of Aba Shanti I have perform there. They will then round it off in Campobasso in collaboration with Giant Killer Sound and What a Pipe Family. It will be the first time that a South African Sound System tours Italy and the anticipation is high among Dub followers and the youtube videos of the Steppas are going viral as a visual endorsement of what to expect.

kebra and giant killerkebra ethiopia italy 215
In 2014 they embarked on a successful tour of Brazil, where they received a resounding warm welcome and shared memorable experiences with fellow dubsters.

Kebra Ethiopia Sound is also confirmed for the biggest Sound System culture gathering in France, The Dub Camp Festival scheduled for July this year. They will be performing alongside the biggest names in Dub Culture like Jah Shaka, Bush Chemist, Jah Tubby, Brother Culture, Alpha and Omega, Channel One, Black Board Jungle and more.

Dub Camp Festival

Folks at the Boiler Room published a very informative article – Steppas University: The School of South African Reggae, which gives clarity and details the social commitment of Kebra Ethiopia and University of steppas.

“Kebra Ethiopia and the University of Steppas , are an entity with an aim to communicate spiritually through roots and culture maintaining African pride, integrity and authenticity through reggae music” Doc Inity

A milestone in the timeline of the history of Mzansi Reggae Scene, bringing Roots n Culture to the forefront.

Kebra Ethiopia Sound and the University of Steppas European Dates 2015

09 May – Salerno, Italy

15 May – Frosinone. Italy

16 May – Campobasso, Italy

11 July – Le Pellerin, France