Don Franco Tafari Heading to Ethiopia for Haile Selassie’s Earthstrong

Ethiopian One Unity Reggae, TTI Addis in collaboration with Jamaica’s Yard One Promote will celebrate HIM Haile Selassie Earthstrong with a series of events planned for July, coinciding with HIM birthday on the July 23rd. The events will be headlined by Roots Reggae Warrior Tydal Kamau from Jamaica with Don Franco Tafari appearing as the special guest. The shows will be at three different venues including Shashamane on the 23rd, closing off the Tour.

Don Franco Tafari, South Africa based Zim native, announced the news via his Facebook page, declaring this as a dream come true. He had planned to go on a pilgrimage to the Land of Origins last year but the trip did not materialise. A year later he got a call from Yard One Promote inviting him to join their artist Tyadal Kamau in Ethiopia. Jah had better plans for him it seems. Don Franco’s ties to Ethiopia goes back 39 years ago when his Grand Father was studying at the university of Addis Ababa and he played the double Bass for Bob Marley when the king visited Ethiopia.

“We grew up hearing these stories from my grandad and it motivated me, you know, so now me going there I feel like i’m jus taking it from where my grand father left, it’s a good feeling.” Don Franco

Don Franco has had a good run so far this year. He toured and opened for Turbulance and Mega Banton earlier this year on their South Africa Zimbabwe Tour. It was during this time that Turbulance would link him to his [Turbulance] management team and was added in their roster. It did not take long for them to find him his first international gig, as they and their Ethiopian counterparts immediatley recognised Don Franco’s talent.

The HIM Haile Selassie Birthday Bash dates are:
July 21, Awassa University, Hawassa
July 22, Laphto Mall, Addis Ababa
July 23, Shashamane, Oromia Region

Don Franco is planning to remain in Ethiopia to catch his all time favourite and inspiration, Protoje’s show scheduled for the 29th of the same month in Addis Ababa. Look out for Palms & Melodies, an EP project that he is planning to release on his return from Ethiopia and expect more live shows with his 7Seals Band.



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