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don francoDon Franco

Don Franco is a young Reggae/Dancehall artist Originally from Zimbabwe based In South Africa. He was born in Harare where he started his musical career he then moved to Kwekwe a town which is situated in the central part of Zimabawe. He did his education there and this is where he got exposed to Reggae/Dancehall due to local Dancehall sound sytems that where big during that era; these included Buffalo Soldier sound system, Stereo one int, Silverstone and Conquering lion just to name a few. He started writing his first tune when he was 13 called Mbanje. Which can be translated to Ganja this song become a anthem amongst the yutes of his age at the time. He then did his first recording when he was in high school under a label called Mix masters the tune featured his friends Berven Sky B and Elvis E. He then got noticed by Many Producers after this song which was a dancehall tune. His follow up tune Blaze up the Chaiwa was a big tune again that it appeared on a High School Compilation

After High school he stopped Recording music in Zimbabawe but never stopped writing, it was a terrible time for him because every producer didn’t understand the vision that he had in music. 2008 He moved to south Africa where he met Zephy Oldies a good producer origionally from Malawi. With Zephy Oldies they made a very nice 14 TRACK mixtape that made Don franco to be noticed by many reggae programs from radio to TV. After this mixtape Don Franco gravitated to music that he felt was his calling, he started to do Conscious music mainly inspired by Rastafari .No party songs or any songs that do not elevate the Lord’s name


  • Don Franco Managed to tour Europe last year with his Band the Legion Redemption
  • He has been on many international productions including the Herb Family Riddim that Features Big artists Like Sizzla, FantonMojah ,Teflone just to name a few
  • Ocean View Riddim from Jamaica by Royal Sounds ~ Calling Riddim England
  • He is currently working with VIS On his latest project

Gangster Conscience 2012 produced by Zephy Oldies
Seek and Serve EP Pending

For Bookings:
Lucas 0842029375

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