Dr. Colbert Mukwevho Music To Be Re-Uploaded Online

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Dr. Colbert Mukwevho’s Music To Be Re-Uploaded Online

Dr Colbert Mukwevho, the Reggae Musician and Producer, who was born and raised in the reggae region of Limpopo, South Africa, had his music temporarily taken down from all streaming platforms. This move left his legion of fans both disappointed and confused, wondering what had happened to their beloved artist’s extensive discography.

Rita Dee, Dr. Colbert’s current feisty manager, has finally shed some light on the situation. She explained that all of Dr. Colbert’s music, will be back up and available for streaming on September 15, 2023. According to Rita Dee, the removal of Dr. Colbert’s music was necessary during the process of reconstructing and reorganizing his music catalogue online.

It turns out that the previous associates or individuals who had been helping Dr. Colbert with his music uploads were not providing him with the fruits of his labor. In order to rectify this, all of his music, starting from his very first album to his latest masterpiece, will now be uploaded under his own label, Ngoma Dza Tshitomboni (NDT). This strategic move will not only ensure that Dr. Colbert Mukwevho benefits from his hard work but also allows for better monitoring and control over his music, ensuring that he can begin to earnestly earn from the streams.

“We had to take everything down so he can reload from his 1st Album to his latest masterpiece. His Albums will be back on all digital platforms on 15/09/2023. Apologies for the inconvenience, but this is done for Dr Colbert Mukwevho’s benefits as he owns all his masters and copyright,” explained Rita Dee on her social media page.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Colbert Mukwevho’s contributions to the South African music scene cannot be understated. With a career spanning over four decades, he has recorded over 200 songs and nearly 20 albums. His musical journey began back in 1975 when he joined a family band formed by his father and uncle. Later on, he branched out to form his own band, focusing primarily on reggae music.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Colbert Mukwevho has had the opportunity to collaborate with many great names in the industry. One notable collaboration includes a duet with the late and legendary South African songbird, Brenda Fassie. Additionally, he has also had the privilege of working with the iconic Jamaican duo, Sly and Robbie, who mixed and mastered one of his albums.

In recognition of his exceptional talent, Dr. Colbert Mukwevho’s album “The Lord is My Rock” won the prestigious South African Music Award for Best Reggae in 1997. This accolade further solidified his status as a highly regarded figure in both the South African and international music scene.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Dr. Colbert Mukwevho’s impact extends into his personal life as well. He was gifted with a beautiful house by businessman Mr. Collen Mashawana two years ago. This generous gesture came about when Mr. Mashawana realized that the musician, who has educated, inspired, encouraged, and entertained the people of South Africa for over four decades, did not have a place to call his own. This beautiful home stands as a testament to both the admiration and respect that the community has for Dr. Colbert.

As September 15, 2023, approaches, fans eagerly await the return of Dr. Colbert Mukwevho’s music to the digital landscape. With his music once again available for streaming worldwide, listeners will be able to immerse themselves in the rich reggae melodies and thought-provoking lyrics that have defined his career. The soulful sounds of Dr. Colbert Mukwevho’s music will once again fill our hearts and playlists.



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