Dr. Colbert Mukwevho house

Dr. Colbert Mukwevho Gifted with a House Fit for a King

Dr. Colbert Mukwevho Gifted with a House Fit for a King

Renowned Entreprenuer and chairman of Afro Biz Invest, Mr. Collen Mashawana, offered to build a kingly home for Dr. Colbert Mukwevho.  The Businessman, who describes himself as ‘An African Philanthropreneur with interest in the Infrastructure Development Sector’ made the announcement on social media by showing off the design of the house with the caption: I can’t wait to hand over the house keys to Dr Mukwevho.  and also thanked K & L Designs & Construction for the amazing works. The Journey has begun.


In a series of tweets that started with the year, on 02 January 2021, Mr. Mashawana, announced that he met with Dr. Colbert Mukwevho to finalise the plans and start work on the house. He gave a concise background history on the veteran and how he has touched ordinary peoples lives through his music and helped to develop many musicians, but strangely enough, for some reasons the multi award winner Dr. Colbert does not own a house. Through his Collen Mashawana Foundation in partnership with Afribiz Investment, a Pan African Investment Company, they decided to honor the legend by building him a home. He posted pictures of himself, Dr. Mukwevho and other concerned parties at the site of where the house will be built.

Dr. Colbert Mukwevho at construction site
Dr. Colbert Mukwevho third from Left.

This was followed by a pouring of comments (on Facebook and Twitter) from fans commending Mr. Mashawana on his good deeds. Most were elated that the veteran gets to be honored while still alive and poured showers of blessings to both men. He is a man loved and respected greatly among the VhaVenda people and is well known throughout South Africa. In September 2018 he was conferred an honorary Doctor of Philosophy in arts and social sciences degree by the University of Venda, and that is how he came to be called Dr. Mukwevho.

His music has educated, inspired, encouraged and entertained the people of South Africa for over four decades. His albums are books of wisdom that each man can study and live. In 2020, the Pandemic year, Dr. Colbert Mukwevho teamed up with fellow musician the Teacher Man, Kenny Wailer Murabi for a collaboration to raise funds for the Disaster Relief Project. They recorded two songs on an EP titled: Down But Not Out. The proceeds from the sale of the EP will go to the charity to help towards the current world crisis.

Dr Colbert Mukwevho sings his songs in Luvenda, Xitsonga and English. During his acceptance speech which was directed to the youths, he spoke of the challenge facing the Luvenda language as well as its complexities. The Doctor of Philosophy in arts and social sciences also gave a stellar performance to remind people why they love him so.

Journalist Lutendo Bobodi gave a fitting description of the man in a Facebook post: “A lyrical genius with a militant disposition. He is prolific, gifted and long-sighted. He sings his mind without caring whose ox is being gored.”

Mr. Mashawana is committed to Corporate Social Investment and his foundation, The Collen Mashawana Foundation, primary focus is to alleviate poverty and promote a housing initiative which builds houses for the ederly and child headed families. They has started to build over 40,000 houses within South Africa, as stated on the foundation website. In 2018 Mr. Mashawana was honored with an award for Entrepreneur of the year by the Department of Social  Development and was nominated as one of the 80 most influential South Africans for 2020.

Dr. Colbert Mukwevho house

Photo Credit: All photos Mr. Collen Mashawana
Insert Photo: University of Venda





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