Etana’s Reggae Forever Album Creating Grammy History

Etana Reggae Forever


To say 2018 was fruitful for Etana would be an understatement. The singer released her fifth album, Reggae Forever, toured relentlessly and capped the year with a Grammy Award nomination for Best Reggae Album. The Strong one is the first female reggae artiste to sit on top of the Billboard chart twice and acquire a Grammy nomination for her album. This is the first time a woman is nominated in the 21st century in the reggae genre; fatefully the album was released on international women’s day.

According to Etana, “It’s been a year filled with hard work, determination and triumph. This Grammy nomination made me the first female in almost 20 years to be nominated. Honored and deeply grateful! Perfect love!”

Etana Reggae Forever

There exists an emotional and artistic connection between Etana and Reggae Forever as she was intimately involved in its production and marketing. With the help of a strong team, her band of musicians, and the commitment of record label Tad’s Record, the Strong One was poised for success. The nod from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences only further validated what critics have been echoing since the release of the album in March 2018, that the lyrics and sounds from Reggae Forever are uncompromisingly Reggae and bring back the authentic spirt of the genre.

There will be no let-up in the new year. Etana and her management will be intensifying her presence in the US and European market, especially now that she is a potential Grammy winner.

“I’ll be touring, recording, doing videos, releasing singles and doing spot dates. Tad’s Record, The Empire Agency and Freemind Music have so much already planned. I am grateful.”

Through Reggae Forever there is strong hope for Reggae music.




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