4TH Annual Rasta Nation March 2019 – Commemorating Battle of Adwa

Rasta Nation March - Battle of Adwa

The vanguard of the RasTafari Movement in South Africa will on Friday, 1 March 2019 march to commemorate the 123-year anniversary of the Battle of Adwa.

The RasTafari Movement through an association of various organisations and collectives, invites the public to attend Adwa Day March to Parliament. It is a community-based event highlighting the marginalisation, discrimination, criminalisation and victimisation of RASTAFARI adherents in South Africa, The day also is a rallying call to celebrate the Ethiopian Victory over Italy at the Battle of Adwa 1st March 1896.

The Purpose of the March is to Put pressure on Government to Recognize RasTafari, to bring about Visibility Of RasTafari Nation and Movement so that our Youths and Elders are no longer undermined in their places of Study (Schools) and Work (Corporate), to bring about the understanding to the Courts and the Enforcers of Law (Police and Prosecutors) that Rasta is not easy targets and criminals in our communities. Ras Gareth Prince will be the main speaker at this historic commemoration.

Adwa Victory day is a critical date on the international Pan-African calendar. The battle of Adwa in1896 epitomises the successful resistance against colonialism

The Battle which pitted the Ethiopians then led by His Imperial Majesty Emperor Menelik, against the Italian Army under the command of General Oreste Baratieri saw the annihilation of the colonial army.

The battle went into the annals of history with no less a figure than renowned pan-African scholar W.E.B DuBois noting that “other people who are under colonization have to continue to fight for independence by taking Adwa as an example. They need to be determined to fight harder and make clear to the whole world that they don’t have to compromise living in freedom.”

Rasta Nation March - Battle of Adwa

The details are as follows:
DATE : Friday, 1 March 2019
TIME: 9:00 am
VENUE: Kreizengracht parking lot (Menelik square), Cape Town City bowl.
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