Flash News – May 2015

A round up of news in the reggae dancehall scene in the month of May.

FAME Awards
The inaugural FAME SA [Film, Arts, Music & Entertainment] were held in Limpopo, celebrating the regions talent. Colbert Mukhwevo walked away with Best Jazz / Afro Reggae Artist award while  his son P Postman was nominated in the Hip Hop category. Check out the full list of winners here.

Nkulee Dube
Received a personal invitation from the President of The Gambia [West Africa] to perform on his excellency Birthday. Nkulee Dube and the Lucky Dube Celebration Tour performed on May 25 for the president.

NC Dread
In anticipation for his upcoming album HUSTLE, NC Dread has come up with an innovative way of  a campaigning, using his friends from across the globe to endorse the album. Videos of dancehall artists  from Nigeria to the UK have surfaced creating hype and announcing the imminent release of  HUSTLE, the album. No date has been set though. Check NC Dread Facebook page and Instagram for the videos.

Africa Cup Clash 2015 – Southern Africa Edition
The much lauded Africa Cup Clash has come and gone. It had Luciano endorsing it. General Diesel and DJ Tornex of Fyah Station Trackmasterz took it home while the twins from Jamaica left with the recording. Hopefully it will surface so we can hear how it all went down. Jah Crucial represented for Mzansi as usual and the finalist got eliminated by the Golden Rule!

Reggae Workshop
Lioness Production hosted a Reggae Workshop at Shikisha in Newtown, Johannesburg with industry professional in attendance. Jay Jules from VP Africa and SAMRO were present to talk about the music industry.

Queen Ifrika
We are used to twitter having no chill. This time it was the turn of the Facebookers when them flexed and a very long discussion ensued. The cause: Queen Ifrica Instagram picture below. It was about how she is dressed and how she has changed. Some are even accusing her of bleaching. The lines were drawn. Conscious or Slackness. A lot of people were in defense of the Queen while a lot more were vex. Funny enuff, no one talk about Uncle Rebel in the background with his pants sagging!

Photo: Queen Ifrika Insta


SATMA 2015
The nomination lines for the SATMA were officially opened. Blak Kalamawi is in the forefront campaigning to be nominated for Best Reggae Category.  It would be good for him to get the support from the Dancehall Reggae Community. This is the only award in South Africa that has Reggae as a category stand alone and not diluted with other genres.

VP Afrika
VP Afrika is set to release a compilation CD to be distributed via local chain stores like Pep and Musica. Be on the look out for that.

Kebra Ethiopia Sound
They return from a successful Italian Tour and have already announced dates for the Europe Tour 2015.
They will be back in Europe this Summer, continuing the mission of exporting the King Steppa. Its a big Deal!