Ganja Party Riddim – Various Artists | Audio

Title: Ganja Party Riddim
Artists: VA
Genre: Dancehall/RaggaMuffin
Produced by: Zolile Matikinca
Release: April 2017

Featured Artists
Monsoon – USA/Jamaica
Crosby – SA
Lady Slice – SA
Stalwart – The Gambia
Red Lion – SA/Australia
Zoro – SA/Spain

Track List
Pound ah Ganja by Monsoon   
Marijuana by Crosby
Ganja Party by Lady Slice
Cali man by Stalwart
Good Body by Red Lion
All Night by Zoro
SpliffRecords Int.Ganja Party Riddmset

Its a Ganja Party, and it makes you wanna dance.

Fresh on the market, Ganja Party Riddim featuring mostly African Artiste. Yes we popular for our Drumming, Dancing and Kora playing but the is more to Africa than all that goodness.

We have seen the past few years that even Jaimaca noticing the growth of their music in Africa and Africa has been showing appreciation for the Culture. But African Reggae/Dance Hall artistes also need exposure and support from the international Reggae Community, as well as  African music industry also needs to recognize and support this Culture.

By bringing Reggae/Dancehall in the business and open the doors to proper production studios meaning our sound quality need to improve for us to be major players in the cine.
With an aim to showcase African Reggae/Ragamuffin/Dance Hall artistes from the whole continent.
In this compilation we are introducing you to only some of the baddest Singers and mc´s the continent has to offer. Hopefully as we forward with our search and exposure of Reggae/Dancehall artistes in the continent you will be there to support them. 

Spliff Records does not own any artist our aim is to expose to those with means and tools to take this talent further and so we shine the light and showcase the different side of our growing Africa.

-Spliff Records International-

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