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Lady Slice

Lady Slice is a Dancehall vocalist and dancer who delivers her songs in a Singjay style – a combination of toasting and singing. She was born and raised in Gugulethu township in Cape town.

She writes her own music, mainly reggae/dancehall with a touch of soul/ hip hop and is now experimenting with Electro/Dubstep creating a unique sound with a distinct reggae feel. She takes her experimenting with different sounds further by using Hip Hop Soul beats, Dubstep and other new Sounds to compliment her lyrical content.

As a former Performing Arts Student and Vocalist for the Volcano Arts Project, she did backing vocals for Black Dillinger and Daddy Spencer. She had already started writing her music during this period, but felt she was not ready yet to branch out on her own. She went on to form a collaborative crew with some fellow musicians and they called themselves BlackYard, which gave her an opportunity to apply her voice and explore it further. The crew members eventually went their separate ways and she decided to focus on creating a platform for other artists, taking time off her singing.

That was when the All Nyz was born, a Jamming Session in the Park where artists and creatives could perform, network and market their wares. It was a collaborative effort with fellow artists, DJ’s and one sound engineer and it became Gugulethu’s biggest and most consisten Park Jam of all time. The organising members went their separate way after a few years of working together. Lady Slice continued to work as an organiser and shifted her focus completely to Reggae and Dancehall, working with the likes of Triple Crown Sound System, DJ SenSi (RIP) and assisting with the management of Kalitari Dancehall Events.

She was also the founding member of the Riddim Rascals Dancehall Crew, as a dancer and Dance Instructor, which saw them performing in regional and National Stages across the country. She eventually opened her own Dance Academy coining it Flex and Sweat, accommodating females and creating a safe space for women to dance, experiment and be comfortable in their bodies in an harmonious space.

In her organisational efforts, she always worked with other creatives in Hip Hip and House Music (the dominating genres) to ensure that Dancehall Reggae artists were given space and exposed to such platforms.

It was during this period that she came to realise that there was lack of support and exposure for female voices within Reggae and noticed how some were rendered voiceless and being undermined by their fellow counterparts and somehow being suppressed. That was enough reason to propel her to work on her music and singing career and she become active on the stage again. Since then she has featured in a few Dancehall shows. She was the opening act for Empress Hotep Album Launch. She spent the past year working hard in making a mark with her stage presence and performance and now working on releasing her first project, The Ghetto Queen Mixtape, that will be followed by an EP due for release in 2019/20 season. The first single to be released will be called Ghetto Queen and  will be released with a Remix from DJ Stina who is based in Sweden and a Video which was shot on location in Gugulethu, Khayelitsha and Nyanga.

Career Highlights
Shared the Stage with: Rapper Poet Kanyi Mavi, Hip Hop Crew -Driemanskaap, Ifani, Lauryn Hill, Nkulee Dube, Jah Mason and Lutan Fyah

Founding Member of Riddim Rascals Dancehall Crew –

Riddim Based on her song: Ganja Party produced by Zoro for Spliff Records. –

Shot Music Video with 0 Budget directed by prominent director from CT.

Press Clippings:

Ghetto Queen Video Shoot Call Out | Lady Slice



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