New Riddim – Holy Helmet Riddim [Chicha Music] | 2023

Holy Helmet Riddim

Chica Music and Concrete Jungle Studios Presents Holy Helmet Riddim

Following the recent release of the acclaimed Reggae Riddim Lerumo La Mollo aka Burning Spear Riddim, Concrete Jungle Studios and Chicha Music drops a hot new Dancehall Riddim titled Holy Helmet Riddim. The inspiration for the Riddim came from the release of the single “Holy Water” by the talented Botanist Mr. Lamington, earlier this year. The thought-provoking lyrics and melody of this track left a lasting impact, and it was extended into a Riddim, matching the intensity of “Holy Water,” Featuring artists like Dimahr, Naf-Ital, Mr. Smooth, Maximum Stylez, and Musical Dynasty, each track delivers unique vibes and captivating lyrics.

Dimahr, a rising star in the scene, effortlessly rides both Reggae and Dancehall Riddims, showcasing her versatility and lyrical prowess. Her entry to the Holy Helmet Riddim is a track titled “Queen of The South,” declaring that she is lyrically bad and is up for a challenge from any female artist who like to test her.

Naf-Ital, who came on to the scene with a sweet Reggae sound with the single Seponono which resonated very well with the ladies, lands on the Holy Riddim with the track title Universe, ‘shaping South Africa with one Verse“. He has been steadily building his music catalog with a string of singles and has found his niche, it’s time he starts building his support/fan base.

The suave and charismatic Mr. Smooth enters the scene, effortlessly delivering his infectious flow and captivating voice. Mr. Smooth is Smooth indeed. His flow is steady, his voice is flawless. His lyrics delivered in a gentle manner. His track is titled “She Bad“, but he is the one who is bad.

Meanwhile, the maximum stylez records boss, Pepsin, makes his presence felt. He seem to be on all riddims coming out from other production houses, except from Maximum Stylez Records. How he managed to throw in his clash rival’s name in a track titled Love it Like That, is quite amusing. He says: “Don’t tell me about that bwoy, Badda Badda, he is a fool, him could not ride a tune. ” One wonders why the gyal mention Badda Badda while whining on Pepsin. That seems to be an own goal in the ongoing rivalry between himself and Badda Badda.

Finally, Musical Dynasty contributes to the Holy Helmet Riddim with the track “Ring Tone.” Demonstrating growth and improvement in his delivery thus solidifying his place in the Dancehall scene.

The Holy Helmet Riddim adopts a nostalgic 90’s dancehall vibe, paying homage to the golden era of the genre. Produced by Chicha Music from Zimbabwe and mastered by Botanist Mr. Lamington himself, this riddim captures the essence of classic dancehall while infusing it with a fresh and modern twist.

However, the instrumental track, which often allows listeners to appreciate and analyze how each artist interprets the riddim, is absent from the release. Nevertheless, Holy Helmet Riddim promises a joyful listening experience that will transport you to the heart of the dancehall scene.

Holy Helmet Riddim
Produced by: Chicha Music
Mixed and Mastered by: Botanist Mr. Lamington
Label: Concrete Jungle Studio
Release: August 2023



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