Introducing I Culture – A Conscious Ghetto Yute

Introducing I Culture – A Conscious Ghetto Yute

I Culture

Pan africanism to me is more than just an ideology but a lived experience and my music reflects my experience. – I Culture

I Culture is a conscious Pan African youth who sees Reggae music as his spiritual calling, a calling which he intends to pursue and fulfil.

I see it (reggae) as a voice of the oppressed looking for a vessel to speak through. So I would say reggae music chose me because it’s the music that was somehow indirectly introduced to me from a tender age by my father who is a big fan of reggae, so I would say reggae music found me and my love for Africa and Africans at home and abroad made me Pan African.

He was born Vincent Ncube in the small town of Zvishavane in Zimbabwe. He chose the name I Culture as he was going through a drift in mindset, a shift in consciousness to embrace back his roots and through music, became a voice of cultural re-quest in society, and through conscious lyrics he became I Culture. His music is inspired by how he views the world and how he views the world is mostly influenced by the consciousness of Rastafari, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Bob Marley and Peter Tosh .

His brother, who saw potential in him at a young age, encouraged him by writing lyrics down for him to perform. He would sing these lyrics while competing with his friends on who could sing better.
Me and my school friends used to compete on who can sing certain hit songs during those years locally and internationally and I would always stand out the winner, because my brother would write me down the lyrics from Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Sizzla etc to go and sing for my school friends or in class during music lesson.So from then the love of singing for people kept growing till i started writing my own lyrics and recorded my first demo in 2009.

In November of 2020 he set out to pursue his calling and that journey led him to South Africa. He was soon to discover that the industry is not as easily penetrable as he might have thought. Through persistence and patience he managed to meet with people who would directly and indirectly lead him in the right direction and a step closer to his goal. He faces the challenge of getting access to quality studios and getting his music out to reach a broader audience and getting airplay, because, as he puts it: most songs dominating the airwaves are party and love songs. Even so, I Culture has managed to put out 9 single tracks, three of them with videos. He has hopes of one day being the studio with Nkulee Dube or Black Dillinger: Because I believe I have a lot to learn from these big artists about how the music industry works and music itself

As a conscious youth he knows that all Africans are traced back to the great lakes as the deepest rootical origin and considers himself a Pan Africanist who is inspired by The Dub Poet Mutabaruka and the teachings of Marcus Garvey.
Pan Africanism to me is more than just an ideology but a lived experience and my music reflects my experience, our experience collectively as African people at home and abroad


I Culture

I Culture is optimistic that he will make his mark in the industry and that his time will come.
My struggles and social rejection keeps me motivated to always go for the price.


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