Yasha Mani A Messenger in Reggae Music

Yasha Mani A Messenger in Reggae Music

Yasha Mani - Messenger

We were placed on this Earth to please the Almighty Jah, not mankind! – Yasha Mani

Yasha Mani is a Messenger in reggae music, with a strong voice, rootical vibrations and passion which “runs as a still river – Deep”  With Roots and Culture as her backbone, foundation reggae as her calling, Yasha Mani knows that her divine’s purpose is to tell the world of the GREATNESS of the Almighty Jah Rasta fari Selassie I through Word Sound and Power.  She was bestowed this name by a Rastafarian Elder from Jamaica residing in Baltimore MD. This mystical anointed elder opened her levels of consciousness and chakras to JAH frequency. It was there that he said “Your name is not Carla, your name is Yasha”. Yasha Mani stands for Protecter of Jah Kingdom – “Yasha” Hebrew name meaning the protector, deliverer and “Mani” taken from the end sound in Shashamane – Mani (Mane) meaning “Kingdom”

Yasha Mani, born Carla Hobson, nurtured by both parents, her father a seaman and mother a Home Maker, grew up as a shy youth in social circles in her early age, but became very expressive and brave in her early adolescent years. She took part in various school lip sync competitions. As a youth she always had a liking for roots as she always gravitated to the more humble and needy, as opposed to her strict and mid upper class upbringing.  She  has worked in the corporate environment from Finance to Tourism sectors until she settled in the Media world which was more intriguing and became her love, for it gave her  the ability to reach the masses in a positive light. After seeing the power of media she plunged herself whole heartedly into it, starting as a Marketing assistant at a Radio Station, then eventually started her own TV production, Event, Promotions, and Artist development company called Prime Entertainment Ltd, which produces reggae music productions, inspirational and entertaining TV shows. She has produced a woman empowerment series called Majestic Make Over, a mind Body and Soul reward for women who have triumphed through tough circumstances. The program has gained positive reviews on the home front Trinidad and Tobago.

Growing up on the “West side” area, her upbringing was that of an upper middle class family, humble, caring, fun loving, but her basic instinct didn’t want some of the things that came with that type of lifestyle. It was she had a safe, controlled and stable environment. Her parents taught her the value of gaining a “good job” which she defied in later years as she believes that regardless of the qualifications, skills and experience one may have, those things are only to be used for the building of the kingdom of Jah and for the blessings of HIM people.  She got a scholarship at MSU where she went on to pursue Bsc in Marketing and it was there she learnt more about the Babylon system. She started to overstand life, fully knowing then what was the TRUTH and what wasn’t and that is where she immersed herself in fully in Reggae.

Yasha Mani - Messenger in Reggae Music


She goes on to describe the Reggae landscape of her beloved native land Trinidad and Tobago:

In an old interview I saw recently with Bob Marley, the correspondent asked him about reggae coming out of soca. The Father of Reggae said it, Reggae evolved from Calypso as we in Trinidad were singing this kind of music with a certain type of lyrical content, then the Jamaicans who he said was also dancing to calypso started to experiment with the riddim, and introduced more bass and started to strum differently on the keyboard. There lyrical content as well moved more toward reality music as well, so it must be said it is an honour to hear Bob Marley make mention of this. From this point reggae took another direction, where Jamaica has taken reggae music throughout the world for years , in an immeasurable way. Trinidad and Tobago kept its original genre of calypso which has now evolved to Soca with now two genres of music. Calypso being loved by the elders and Soca by the youths. Our legends living and other wise are mainly calypsonians who have all sand all their lives, for instance Calypso Rose, Ktichener and Mighty Sparrow have toured the world on numerous occasions singing Calypso, however in the recent years the elders have not been touring, Now the youths and mid aged artists such as Machel Mantano and Kes D Band who took Soca to the highest regions in the music industry is leading the way with many never before heard of artists such as Voice and Erphan Alves who was featured on a BET Cypher, coming up on the world stage. However Reggae is seasonal and still like a second language for us here in Trinidad and Tobago, as during the Carniival Season not much Reggae is played for approximately four – five months. This places strain on the “homegrown reggae” arena as artist music will seldom play during certain seasons and is played after ASH Wednesday yearly.

Trinidad and Tobago has been producing reggae for some years and has a few artists such as Jah Melody and Queen Omega who started the reggae who still continue on their paths. Yasha Mani is proud to continue the Reggae trod and hopes to open doors for others with the same passion and love for doing Jah Works. Although homegrown reggae still isn’t making as much inroads as the new homegrown style of Trinidad Dancehall, called Trinibad,  but Yasha calls it TriniGood, if the lyrics are positive, whereby it  speaks to the more conscious side of life guns, girls, drugs, cars and money.  This genre is quite popular amongst the youth, as a Messenger in Reggae Music, the emergence of the Trinibad genre, and the momentum it has taken up, does not bother Yasha, as she continues to work on mastering her craft and penetrating the reggae arena similarly as wet .

Trinidad and Tobago, when you analyze it has a very seasonal music industry as Soca and Calypso is played during one period, Reggae during one period. and Dancehall and now Trinibad may be the only genre which gets air played throughout the year.

Yasha Mani has three singles out now on ALL Major Platforms  Stand Firm Inna Self, Soul Jah and Vengenz.  Currently working on her next single Rebel which is being worked on by Riff raff Keys a grammy award winning Musician and Keyboardist.  San Kofa – which means so much to me as she was inspired by a MUAFA in Nigeria in which she was recognized as a Music Ambassador in Nov 2021, produced by Maria Sang UK and Anthony Lynch DJ Vegas Jamiaca on Ruff Tuff Riiddim.  On My Mind which was produced by ong Embassy from Jamiaca a Collaboration with a young artist Lennon,  which is being currently mixed and mastered. She is currently working on an album scheduled for July 23rd, 2022 called “LIVITY” which will include the previously released tracks.
yasha mani - messenger

Yasha Mani is scheduled to perform in South Africa as part of the Hand Across Africa project which is conceptualized as a cross-continent initiative, starting in South Africa. The objective and aim of this concert/expo series is to leverage the platform of reggae music and will touch on different countries in Africa, starting here is South Africa with an impactful line up of South African foundational artists. It has been a long road for Yasha to finally get here. After the cancellation of her first scheduled tour at the Nigeria Reggae Festival 2021, she was never deterred and she reached out to more promoters. Reggae Africa Sound System responded and she was invited to perform at the Cape Town Reggae Sunsplash and Dope Fest. Again her trip had to be cancelled because of the outbreak of Omniocron. Finally, she will be able to make it

“It is such an honour for my first Intl concert to be on the shores of Africa, just as I, like many have dreamt of coming forward just to reignite that feeling of ancestral grounding. Especially being on a show with the great Mikel Rose. I am truly looking forward to “that feeling” more than anything else. And it will be doing something I Love!”

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