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Jah Crucial The Reggae Ambassador Turns 60

Jah Crucial: The Reggae Ambassador Turns 60

By SoulSista Sekano

Jah Crucial is one man who doesn’t need any introduction when it comes to reggae music; he is the most crucial element of the South African Reggae Scene. When I got a chance to interview him I wondered how I’m going to fit his colourful life into 5000+ words. Colourful? You ask! See Jah Crucial can boast that he has rubbed shoulders with the likes of Mutabaruka, Don Carlos and Burning Spear just to drop a few names, if that’s not colourful then I don’t know what is. Nonetheless I made my way to Vosloorus, a township which is located 31k east of Johannesburg. When I got there I was welcomed by Ras Jah Crucial clad in a green, yellow and gold vest, with a matching woven hat and shorts. I was introduced to the family and got an impromptu (much needed) lecture (yet to be put in practice) about farming. Jah Crucial is passionate about farming as he attributes it to his healthy being.

Ras Jah Crucial (as it is also stated on his ID book), I ask him why that is: “I removed my Babylon name, I’m officially Ras Jah Crucial, I changed it in 1994. I had three surnames so I decided to just be Ras Jah Crucial, I was also inspired by the bible people like Abraham and Isaac when they ‘found’ God they changed their names, so I’m like I belong to God now I’m Jah’s somebody.”

SoulSista: And you never encountered any problems with officials?
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