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Gauteng to Host a JahCrucial Festival: A Benefit Concert for the Reggae Ambassador

JahCrucial Festival, a follow-up to JahCrucial Dancehall held at Drill Hall on 4th March 2017, is a benefit concert to raise funds to help with medical bills for Jah Crucial, a living legend in the reggae scene, locally and globally, shall be hosted by Sounds of Edutainment, Born African Productions, Tijuca Restaurant, Ganga Lee Productions and Empress Pro Foundation.

The fundraising function shall be held at Tijuca Restaurant in Bruma, Johannesburg, next to Nandos, from 12 noon on Saturday, 5th May 2018 till late. Free from noon, at 6pm the entrance fee will be R50. Parallel to an arts/crafts market, the line-up will feature musicians and DJ’s such as:  Black Dillinger, Momo Dread, GJ Fanta, Carlos Djedje, Ras Jabulani/Trevor Hall, Chantty Natural (Botswana), Empress Pro, Empress Hotep, Vudu YakwaNtu, Jah Crucial himself, Muzzla Menelik, Ras Zwesh fi Kush, Prince Shapiro, Sons of Thunder, to mention only a few.

Better known as The Reggae Ambassador, Jah Crucial owned and ran The Jah Crucial Records retail outlet for about 2 decades on the corner of Jeppe and Small streets in busy central Johannesburg city.  His shop became a daily networking space for reggae lovers from all walks of life, the artists and aspirant Rastafarians who milked his wisdom while purchasing cassettes, vinyls, cds, dvds, books and artworks.

From that time to this time, he was and still remains the CEO of Jah Crucial Hi Fi Sound and Manager of Jah Crucial Records.  A true pioneer Rub-a-Dub master, Jah Crucial in the 1970s started the dub sessions in his yard and later in the townships’ streets and community halls thereby brought reggae music to the ears of the blacks downtrodden by the brutality of the Apartheid police state, which also attacked him for promoting illegal music and ganja use.

The JahCrucial Festival, among other things, is a cultural space that will bring together southern African diverse audiences and distinct voices of reggae and poetry across borders into the inner city of Johannesburg in a creative dialogue and cultural exchange. It shall cater for both underground talent and popular figures by providing a platform as catalyst for artistic expressions, critical perspectives and audience development and engagement to involve youth in the arts to stay away from the streets. The creative traders sell everything they make from food to accessories, dvd’s, CD’s and books while the musicians and DJ’s keep on entertaining.

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