King Jammy Presents Dennis Brown Tracks of Life Album

King Jammy Presents Dennis Brown

King Jammy Presents Dennis BrownRelease: 14 Sep. 2018

Crown Prince Comes Forward With The King

King Jammy Presents Dennis Brown Tracks of Life is a new album that builds on the work of two reggae and dancehall icons. The album draws largely on studio recordings that King Jammy (Lloyd James) produced for the late reggae superstar Dennis Brown in 1984-1985, which would become the Greensleeves LP Slow Down.

For Tracks of Life, King Jammy went back to the Slow Down master tapes (and several from other projects) and brought veteran and new generation reggae and dancehall stars, including (Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Busy Signal, Protoje, Alborosie, and others) to the studio to write and sing new lyrics to complement those of Dennis Brown.

Included in this download are “Can’t Keep” featuring Dennis Brown with Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley; and “Gun Town,” featuring Dennis Brown with Dre Island.

“All the artists on the album are lovers of Dennis Brown’s music,” says King Jammy. “Whether they’re old or they’re young, all of these artists on the album have Dennis Brown as one of their favorite singers.”

“[Slow Down] was the first Dennis Brown album I did,” recalls King Jammy. “I record that album in London, and it was strictly live music, acoustic music. And to me, Dennis Brown sounded better when we did live riddims [instrumental rhythm tracks]. I wanted to bring this [project] from the older songs. The older songs mean a lot more to me because they’re original, most of them, and they sound the way I like, on live riddim. I brought forth the original first album, but then I had some songs with Dennis Brown on some computer riddims, and they’re hit songs. So I incorporated those [also].”

Artists on the project include Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Alborosie, Busy Signal, Bounty Killer & Dawn Penn, Protoje, Romain Virgo, Agent Sasco, Josey Wales, and newcomers Aza Lineage, Jesse Royal, and Projexx, among others.

The vinyl release includes an LP packaged with a 7-inch 45 single of “Can’t Keep” by Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley, an update of Dennis Brown’s “Can’t Keep A Good Man Down.”

“The last song I recorded for the album was the Jr. Gong song,” explains King Jammy. “He was on tour for so long that I thought he wouldn’t bother to do it. So when the album was finished, the vinyl was pressed, Jr. Gong turn up at the studio, and he said I can’t release this album unless he goes on it because Dennis Brown is his favorite artist, no matter what it gonna cost. I say ‘hold the release!’ Jr. Gong wrote the song right away. I have a special feeling for that song. Because if you notice in the song he calls [my name]. He knows that me and Bob was of the same kind of nature. So when he came to the studio suddenly, and he decided that I can’t release the album without him going on it, I said ‘what can I do?!”

King Jammy Presents Dennis Brown Tracks Of Life is available globally on CD, vinyl, and all digital streaming platforms from VP/Greensleeves Records on September 14, 2018.

CD Tracklist
01. Can’t Keep feat. Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley
02. High Grade Morning feat. Protoje
03. Gun Town feat. Dre Island
04. Wash Dem Away feat. Agent Sasco
05. Love And Live feat. Alborosie
06. Back To Africa feat. DYCR & Tristan Palma
07. Give Love A Try feat. Projexx
08. Real Love feat. Aza Lineage
09. Run The Track feat. Romain Virgo
10. The Magic Touch feat. Jesse Royal
11. You Satisfy My Soul
12. How Long feat. Josey Wales
13. Build A Dream feat. Baby G
14. The Genie Rub A Dub feat. Busy Signal
15. Dancer Of The Night / No No No (Medley) feat. Dawn Penn & Bounty Killer