Linx Kariloss – G.O.K.W.E Album

Linx Kariloss – G.O.K.W.E

Title: G.O.K.W.E
Artist: Linx Kariloss
Produced by: Lincoln Ncube
Label: Len Express / BMC
Genre: Dancehall | ZimDancehall
Release: May 2018

“Ngoma DzeGokwe is a sound in the making, it is a fusion of different musical sounds. Gokwe is undoubtedly one of the biggest areas in Zimbabwe which is representative of all if not most ethnic groups in Zimbabwe. The idea of Ngoma DzeGokwe is to accommodate everyone in Gokwe and by so doing we have captured the whole of Zimbabwe.” Linx Kariloss

Linx Kariloss - Duracell

Track List
1. Batai Homwe
2. Thick Girls Ft. Black Dillinger
3. Wynn
4. Dweet
5. Protect Me
6. Zvinongondishungurudza
7. Voda kunditapa
8. Duracell
9. Hustlers
10. Funeral Ft. Maggikal
11. You Made Me (Mama)
12. Inna Mi Heart
13.Ololo Ft. Allen Ndoda
14. Sango Rinorema
15.Style Again

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