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Linx Kariloss

Linx Kariloss
Linx Kariloss

Whether Dancehall or Hip Hop, Linx says “my music represents everything that society is afraid of and society is everything to me”. Every yute, every dreamer, every hustler whether male or female will relate because its your everyday life exprience.

Linx Kariloss comes to the fore with a bundle of hardcore rhymes, killer hooks, slick production and with no doubt one of the “Baddest” and energetic artist.

He ventured in the music industry in 2006 and so far he has managed to release five mixtapes: YOUNG n INSANE (2008/9), THE BEST FOREIGN BASED (2010), FACE OF GOKWE (2011), LINX WITH LOVE (2013) and THE BEST FOREIGN BASED 2 (2014). He has managed to steal many people’s hearts and attention.

The industry have welcomed him with positivity and negativity but as focused as he is he has managed to stay on top of his game and not looking back. Now he will be dropping his 1ST Official Album, a double disc package tittled “The Best Foreign Based 3 #TBFB3 (The Best Summer Ever & Ngoma DzeGokwe)”.

Duracell / New Single
Produced by Cure Massyv. This song is one of the best. Linx has proved himself a surgically precise dancehall lyricist, he provides a more melodic, but still very textural backdrop. The record is the first single on his upcoming TBFB3 project which we know will be full of more pleasant surprises.

Ina mi heart / New Single
Ina mi heart (In my heart) is a best of both world song by LINX KARILOSS and has a remix which features long time friends and collaborators Gigi LaMayne, Makizar & Nox Guni. The catchy song has a chorus designed in a unique way which will keep on playing in your head way after the song has stopped. The Song was Produced by Cure Massyv one of the best Dancehall Producers.

INA MI HEART is a powerful punch and penetration song for Linx Kariloss who has been singing for quite some time and a surprise attack for Gigi LaMayne, Makizar & Nox Guni as they don’t do Dancehall. The song introduce new and dynamic ways to approach African Dancehall with a fuse of other genres especially on the remix.

Win win no loss #eheka

Cell: +27 72 866 5549

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