Love Created I

A poem by Thobs The Zulu Queen.

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Love Created I
You see I am a work of art
A meditated creation
When Father God Unkulunkhulu
Along side Mother Nature Unomkubulwane Created I 
They fashioned my spirit first 
So that all I am Is a reflection of the first thought
Love love love yes love
And they chanted soul of our likeness in mind and in spirit
Umfanekiso wethu ngo kwengqondo nomphefumulo
Inturn looked at each other then me and said you
You are beautiful!
And doors opened so I could meet you you and you and you
I was introduced to like mindedness in heart and spirit abantwana bokukhanya
Kusukhela emndulo isizukulwane sabadala base Khemu
The children of light since the days of ancient Khemu
My family in soul
So I lean forward to hug you cos you see wen I see
Family on the streets I want to hug you cos our hearts want to shake hands
Cos you see the GOD n GODDESS in me salute the God and Goddess in you
You see us me and you and you and you
Are fashioned to perfection by the designers’and great artists that
fashioned our souls with the same
Divinity that created the sun the moon the stars
The same love and meditation that created earth, water, fire ,wind mountains, trees
And all that is natural life
So after my spirit was fashioned I was given the body of choice
From my eyes my lips hips and legs so I may find my experience
To live and dismantle the cycle of humanising and dehumanising
Of free spirits

You see since love created I
I don’t break easily
From sexual assaults, neglect, abuse and abandonment
By those I thought are from the First Thought have left me feeling deeeeply
So I sit and meditate seeking understanding of my life
And my creation to be here
Satisfied with what I find I lift my head up in compassion for I realise they didn’t know better
So I forgive and let go
Let love flow so I continue
Wondering the earth tracing my footsteps and 1 day I will be there
So for now I go through
initiations and rights of passages for time is here it is now
For lately challenges are complicated codes that need deciphering
Signs of help for the seeking soul
But lessons learnt are gold to the heart
The alchemy of the heart is the philosophers stone 
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You see love created I
I am a work of art fashioned in the image and likeness of love
I am protected, my needs taken care of
I may not be rolling in dollars Like JAYZ and Beyonce
Cos I spit fire like Marcus Garvey
I walk tall like Sojourner Truth
At time persecuted like Steve Biko
Judged and found guilty like Mma Whinny Madikizela
But I shine like Malcom X
My voice golden like Mariam Makeba
I tell no lies like Bishop Tutu
Unlike Mandela I still shed tears
For we living a life of remembrance all things backwards till we return to the first thought
Yet some of us have a serious case of amnesia like Oscar Pretorious
Rewinding cos we recycled spirits
This journey aint new
But it sure took long to remember love created I
I ama work of art so are you you and you
Tell your story

Love created I
You can persecute me as you please
For centuries you have been doing but still I rise for love created I
From hanging,to poles and stakes to crosses and prisons
I reincarnate and with each life
Love is deeper
Truth sweeter
Fear only recognised as a passing glimpse in bad dreams
This love I talk about is love that underlies all consciousness of life
The kinda love that beautifies all our thoughts
Love that goes beyond guns that shoot out flowers to self created enemies
But the kinda love that goes beyond the idea of even having guns and the likes in the first place
I am talking about the kinda love that speaks to the heart and mind
Of man to ask do you see you when you look at me?X2
Less you are suicidal you wouldn’t shoot yourself now would you?
This love is the kinda love that makes you want to take your time out
And hear your heart speak telling you stories that oracles have been trying to tell
You for centuries and decades
Your stories that the universe has been trying to show you
In your experiences
But you too caught up in the wallowing den
Slowly forgetting that love created you
So I recite Nina someone to you for she knew God when she said:
“I got my heart, I got my soul
I got my back, I got my sex
I got my arms, I got my hands
I’ve got life , I’ve got my freedom
I’ve got the life
And I’m gonna keep it
And nobody’s gonna take it away “
For love created I