Positive Vibrations Tour

this is a tour. the tour.

Jeremiah Fyah Ises is embarking on a national tour. taking the music to the people. giving live fire performances. unrelenting in his pursuit to get his music to the people of mzansi. getting out of his comfort zone and exploring new avenues. such is the work of a committed artist. what artists should do. that is how we get to know about them and what they do. hard work pays of at the end of the day.

the saying, behind every successful man there is a wombman has never rung truer. pun intended. cos behind this prolific performer/artist/musician there is the effective professional trend setting artist management team – QueenSoulVibes working behind the scene to ensure that their artist gets exposure and due credit.
They are doing what not so many are doing. Jeremiah and QueenSoulVibe are doing it live.
While most artists come to Jozi, or wanna be in Jozi, Jeremiah Fyah Ises is going the opposite way.
out of Jozi to where it matters, to the people. So look out for him in the city near you.
The positive vibrations tour is a positive step towards uplifting reggae music and supporting mzansi reggae.
The tour kicks off at Cool Runnings in Durban on the 31 of Aug.
Next stop is Mzimhlophe Hall in Soweto on the 7th Sept.
Followed by Pretoria in Cafe Conferto on the 8th Sept.
and in Rustenburg on the 26 of Oct.
and mo Fyah!
Keep it logged on to to see where his next performances will be taking place.
Check the calender regularly to see where and what is happening next.
This is the stuff Mzansi Reggae is made of.
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