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Proudly Royal: An Exhibition and Cancer Fundraising Event

We caught up with the folks behind the Royal Woman & Pride Event to chat a bit about the upcoming event, the organisation, the charities, Umoja and tings like dat.
Royal Woman & Pride is a Starberry Events Entertainment annual charity event founded in August 2011.

The event is all about celebrating women’s month, raising funds for various beneficiaries, promoting/giving exposure to various businesses and talented individuals, volunteers, adults, teens, and children. Their beneficiaries for 2013 are the Cancer Association of South Africa and The Children of Fire.

How did the name Royal woman and Pride come about?
It was influenced by Rasta women, women’s month and generally the power of a woman. A woman is just special and royal.
You say its an annual event, is it the first time that it is staged or there was another one last year?
We started in 2011, failed to do the 2nd annual one last year due to a tragedy that affected us big time. The founder was in a car accident, lost a sister/best friend.We are truly sorry to hear that. I guess that is enuff motivation to push you to go harder this year. How do you choose the charities that benefit from this event?
We meet people, listen to real stories and fill in the gaps. This year Ms SA finalist, who is also our brand ambassador, linked us to cancer and children of fire.

There is the collaboration with Umoja, how did that come about
We wanted something different, African and original and while looking at different venues, Umoja felt like the perfect entertainment and venue to host our event at their home, victory theater.

Who is behind Star Berry and what to they do
Thandi Madyara, known as Starberry/MsThandi is the founder of the company. We do a lot of reggae events, birthday parties, kiddies parties, bachelor parties, girls only parties, corporate and we also run a dance class that offers belly dancing, dancehall fitness, hiphop at BodynMind studio in Randburg. Our studio also offers pole dancing, run by Soulstress.

What are the Royal woman and Pride expectations – objectives – goals.
We expect people to take advantage of the event, network, meet big/small businesses, showcasing all sorts of products while feeding a child and/or clothing them. Have fun while contributing towards the needy. In the near future we plan to run a magazine based on the event.

What sort of response have you received so far.
People are loving the idea and we see it growing bigger and bigger compared to when we started. Everyone says its a brilliant even. Come through and feel the lovely experience, it is indeed a beautiful women’s month charity show filled with fun and entertainment.

What message would you like to send out to people reading this
Support RWP and gain from this platform. We want talent exposed, small businesses meeting bigger business and exposure no matter how small you are. Fashion designers, models, artist and everybody under 1 roof.

Thats it Folks! You’ve heard it not thru the grapevine. Its here in B&W.

Catch The Royal Woman & Pride Event at the Victory Theater on 30 – 31 August in Jozi.

Click on our events page to get the address, directions and events Activities and full details.

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