Racky Ranis New Album Ndo Humbula

Racky Ranis New Album Ndo Humbula

Racky Ranis - Ndo Humbula

Reggae Band Racky Ranis from Tshiṱereke in Venḓa released their latest Album  Ndo Humbula under the Adziambei Music Academy Label. A follow up to the previous albums with their first recording  ‘Good News Is’ released in 1990, followed by ‘Inner Reggae Music’ in 1995, ‘Police & Thieves’ in 2001, and ‘Zwo Itea’ in 2013.

Racky Ranis was formed in the 1980’s by its lead singer and guitarist Shadrach ‘Racky’ Sivhabu. Shortly after the formation of the band, new members Rudzani Demana, Azwitakalelwi Nenzhelele, Nndindeleni Demana, Irish Sivhabu and Stanley Sivhabu completed the band.
Their influences ranges from traditional African sounds likes that of  Takalani Band, Albert Mundalamo, Steve Kekana, Mparanyana; to Reggae’s Eric Donaldson, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Burning Spear which then fully converted Racky Ranis Band to become a fully fledged Reggae Band.

Their first gig in  1984 drew a big crowd that included the Minsters in the then Venda government . In 1995 and 1996 the band performed at the University of Venḓa’s Beauty pageant and the Fresher’s Ball to an outstanding reception. Over the years Racky Ranis has shared the stage with great musicians like Kenny Murabi, Shufflers, Dr. Colbert Mukwevho, Tidal Waves, Umanji and many other great artists.

The album is available in hard copies and on all digital platforms.


All Songs Written and arranged by Shadrach ‘Racky’ Sivhabu.
Produced by: Shadrach ‘Racky’ Sivhabu.
Recorded Mixed and Mastered at AMA (Adziambei Music Academy)
Engineered by: Stephe HPOD Netshishivhe (High Priest of Dub)
June 2021

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