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After 12 years and 5 albums, Tidal Waves has well earned the title as the hardest working reggae band in South Africa, playing over 100 shows a year. They play extensively throughout South Africa as well as in Mozambique, Swaziland and as far abroad as New Zealand, China, the US and Europe. After seeing them perform, Ziggy Marley confessed to have “fallen in love with Tidal Waves”. He then chose them as his backing band at his Africa Unite concert in Soweto.

Tidal Waves are widely respected throughout South African music circles as an honest, hard working band with an original sound and irie vibes. Their original music combines roots reggae with strong rock, ska & blues influences that is accessible to more than just reggae fans. Because of this, they have some of the most ardent, die-hard fans and supporters in the South African music industry, pulling as many as 4000 to their yearly performances at the Oppikoppi festival.

On stage or on their albums, Tidal Waves pour out snaking bass grooves, bouncing beats, soulful keys and uplifting lyrics in four languages with an integrated finesse that feels effortless. It flows from where the band comes from: a diverse nation where being multilingual and among all colors and races of people daily is nothing special. The band doesn’t reflect what the Rainbow Nation is all about: it embodies it, from the townships they grew up in to their fans throughout the country’s largest cities. Tidal Waves are uniquely positioned within the country’s melting pot of cultures and people to offer a very genuine and down to earth insight on what life is like in the “new” South Africa.

Manager: Leon Retief, Jessica Schnehage

Label: Southern Pulse



source: Reverbnation



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