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Radical Dread New Album – Mbofholowo Na Vhukwila

Mbofholowo Na Vhukwila – Freedom and Corruption

Mbofholowo Na Vhukwila, the fourth studio album offering from TSHIMA Nominee Radical Dread, dropped on March 15 under OneStep Music Label. It follows his previously acclaimed album “Vhutshilo Na Tshifhinga”, which earned him a nomination in the Reggae Album of The Year category at the TSHIMA (TshiVenda Music Awards)  2018.  He went on a three year hiatus and used that period to work on this musical offering and came out fire blazing with this radical album called “Mbofholowo Na Vhukwila”, meaning “Freedom and Corruption”. An apt title describing the current political turmoil we are living in.

The album was produced, engineered and recorded at Deep Roots Studio in Pretoria and is being marketed and distributed by newly formed but rapidly growing in service offering and record label, OneStep Music, who are also the publishers of the album. Radical Dread was one of the first to be  to be signed by OneStep Music. The entire  project took up to almost 12 months to produce. The album has catchy tunes that will most likely be embedded in your head after just a few listens and the vibe is captivating for the youth and pleasant to a discerning ear. Radical Dread is joined by an incredible set of friends who are featured throughout the album, including Steve Netshishivhe, Parks De Blessing, Jininka, Aweeh, PrinceShoni Rabada and Calvin Mukwevho. The  10 track album, featuring hit tracks like “Gona Ntha Gona Fhasi”, “Mbofholowo”, “Afrika Wo Farani”, “Aringa Tendi”, “Pfanelo Na Vhulamukanyi”, “Dub Uhuru”,and “Linwe Shango”; is now available in hard copies and all online platforms.

The Album

Title : Mbofholowo Na Vhukwila
Artist : Radical Dread
Produced by: Steve “Dub Master” Netshishivhe
Label: OneStep Music
Genre: Reggae
Release: 15 March 2021

Track List
1. Mbofholowo feat. Steve Netshishivhe
2. Linwe Shango
3. Gona Ntha Gona Fhasi
4. Aringa Tendi feat. PrinceShoni Rabada
5. Muumba feat. Jininka
6. Dub Uhuru
7. Pfanelo Na Vhulamukanyi
8. Afrika Wo Farani
9. Mathada
10. Dwadze Tshandanguvhoni


The Artist

Radical Dread

Radical Dread is reggae artist and messenger from the Vhembe district of Limpopo known for radically addressing societal issues. He was born Avhapfani Sadiki in a rural village of Tsianda, in Venda.  His debut album, Jah U Ndilani, was released in 2010 and it caught many by surprise through its fresh and bold lyrics, followed by Mitodzi Ya Vharema and Vhutshilo Na Tshifhinga. His music has been described by others as the voice that appeals and awakens the resilient spirit of the young generation as much as to older generations. During this time of reflection, when the majority of the world is at a standstill and leaders have drifted away from addressing real societal problems, Radical Dread conscientizes and appeals to all, especially the youth. He ignites all their senses and readies them to fight and focus on building their future, regain moral fibre and be socially responsible beings. This message is loud and almost tangible in this album “Mbofholowo Na Vhukwila

“The unapologetic message in this album is “Vhaswa A Ri Nga Tendi” u fhuriwa na u bofudzwa.” – Radical Dread

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