New Reggae Album from Ras Vuyo – Love and Unity | 2023

Ras Vuyo - Love and Unity Album

Ras Vuyo – Love and Unity Album

Ras Vuyo released his sophomore album titled Love & Unity on November, 30 2023, following the critically acclaimed debut album Diversion released in 2018.

‘The Love & Unity album was written with the hope to touch the human Spirit in all its diverse expressions and interests, that is both musically and lyrically’ explained Ras Vuyo. ‘Sometimes in pursuit of our personal interests we can cause harm to fellow humans, the Love & Unity album hopes to encourage people to consider the option of Love instead of hurting others.’ Ras Vuyo also returns to the theme of the Global Agenda and plays his part in information and warning the people to be prepared of what is to come. Included in this album is version of the track Agenda 2063 which was featured in his debut album. In this edition he teamed up with Nazamba to deliver the track.

The Album features Isha Bel, Nazamba, Jack Radics, Crosby Bolani, Bulelani Black Bee and the Meditators. Isha Bel singing the harmonies on 10 of the songs and is featuring Grub Cooper on Africa in me and you. The music is played by Azania Band featuring Dean Fraser, Manjul, Odel Johnson and Saymon Roger.

As a producer, Ras Vuyo has composed music that has been voiced by a number of South African and international Reggae artists including Crosby, Colbert Mukwevho, King Kong, Prince Malachi, Peter Spence, Jimmy Riley, Yellowman, C-Sharp Band, Laza Morgan, Freddie McGregor and many more.

Love & Unity – The Album

Title: Love & Unity
Artist: Ras Vuyo
Featured Artists: Isha Bel | Nazamba | Jack Radics | Crosby Bolani | Bulelani Black Bee| The Meditators
Genre: Reggae
Release: November 2023


  1. Have Mercy on Us Jah
  2. Africa In Me and You Ft. Isha Bel
  3. Land Ft. Black Bee
  4. Good Lovin
  5. Love & Unity
  6. You Can Say a Lot
  7. Take It Easy Yutman
  8. Mi Nah Go Hate You Back
  9. All Life Is Equal Ft. The Meditators
  10. L.O.V.E Ft. Crosby Bolani and Jack Radics
  11. Agenda 2063 Ft. Nazamba
  12. Dub 2063 Ft. Nazamba
  13. Good Dubbin



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