Rasta Nation March – 02 March 2016

Report on The Rasta Nation march 2016 – Adwa Day March

Rasta Nation March
The Rasta Nation March Adwa Day protest happened on the 2nd of March 2016 in Cape Town, South Africa in front of the National Parliament. The objective of the march was to deliver the memorandum of grievances to the the Presidency and Ministry of Police.

Opening Ceremony.
Priest Negus opened the Event with Prayers, Psalms and Nyabingi Chanting. Ras Hein gave a short history on how the initiative was formed and how the various organizations contributed to the manifestation of the event.

Key Note Addresses.
Priest Negus Afa reminded the attendees of the Spiritual roots of the Movement and that nation building is a generational mission therefore Our Vision stretches beyond this lifetime. He also mentioned how important it is to keep the Ancient Order at the Foundation of the movement, in our contemporary transition we must never abandon the Revolutionary Resistance to the neo-colonial system which is the Very core of the RasTafari Movement globally

Thau-Thau gave an overview of the current state of Rasta and Government Relations, He read the memorandum and also mentioned the CRL recommendations which was drafted for government. Bradlocks Vans spoke about the socioeconomic crisis experienced amongst the Rasta Communities on the Cape Flats.

Rasta Nation March

Bobo APLA reminded us of the APLA cadres that still languish in jail for being part of anti-apartheid activities they participated in in a pre democratic South-Africa.

The Memorandum was delivered to representatives from the Presidency and Police Ministry. The Ad hoc committee that will engage with Government will consist of two delegates from all relevant organizations and structures that are stakeholders in the development and Nation building of the RasTafari Movement.

Structures and Appreciation
Structures that attended include the Voice of the Western Province (VOWP), His and Her Imperial Majesties Society (HIM), National Nyabingi Council (NNC), Indigenous Peoples Organization (IPO), Rastafari United Front (RUF). Thanks unto all individuals all independent activists, all supporters, all members all Leaders of the Rasta Nation. Thanks unto the Runners and organizers, Adrian and Grant. Thanks unto the artists that showed up Bliksem Straal, Seventon, Jah Link, Blak Kalamawe, Crosby Bolani, Junior B yet only Bliksem Straal and Seventon got to perform. Thanks unto Mr Mercy who performed a piece. Great appreciation to Triple Crown who provided the March with a Sound System. Great Appreciation to the Nyabingi Drummers and Choir.

The Government said they will get back to the committee within 7 weeks. Another March is being planned in order to keep pressure on Government and to Mobilise Greater Numbers to the cause against Police brutality as only a handful of Rastas, about 700, attended the March. The media was absent and the article on News24 network is misleading as it claims the March was about the Legalization of Marijuana but that is not the case, the March was against SAPS Brutality towards the Rasta Nation in South Africa. Promotion of the follow up march requires more channels of advertising outside of Facebook and whatsapp platforms. The efforts to Organise and Centralise the Nation of RasTafari will continue.

Rasta Nation March

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Rasta Nation
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Pictures courtesy of Adrian van Noie.
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