Jah Link

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IMG_20140418_0022338Malcom Stoffels

Jah Link full name Malcolm Stoffels born and raised in the streets of Cape Town City, He is a well mannered young man that is Eager and Determined to make A break through Musically, judging by his aspirations and instincts, Jah Link started music at the age of 11years when he was in primary School inspired by Hip Hop acts globally, but his essence always was Reggae Music as he would come from school in the afternoon and go to the Rasta Corner to go jamming. So at early stages he started to walk the Journey of Legends.

The journey went along as he started his reggae Music career in the streets of Delft South where it is very violent and full of criminal activities, so the music in the Streets of Delft South is the main instrument to combat activities that violate the society, he grew his skills with an Elder Rasta Named Rass Arab (Congo Jesse)where he met the likes of Jahnettaffari, DSO, Jargon which was the main musical acts at the time then later got inspired as he saw other Up n Coming Artist in Gugulethu like Teba, Black Dillinger, Daddy Spencer, Crosby, Zorro, Jesse Dan, JJ Alcapone in Nyanga it was Blacq Supreme, Dan1, Kronikseed, Evergreen, Ndlulamthi, and many more.

So the Urge became stronger as he started to work with a band called “Mighty Ethiopians” where he was featured with 5 other peers aged from 8-17years where they performed at Sunny Ocean International Reggae Festival 2005 where in the following year he shared stages with Peter Spence, Prince Malachi, Starkey Banton, Dawit Menelik [SUNNY OCEAN REAGGEA FEST O6].

Due to optimism and passion of this young rising and dominant star, he has submerged to greater potential that is being displayed in his current projects he is working on. His works started to be noticed and received some airplay in the UK in 2011 where he started networking with the PushaYute Movement in UK that’s also based in Jamaica since then he has recorded for Major Jamaican Stables like Kimichi Records, Tripledose Production and currently working very close with St Bess Records.

The Artist yet still displays undoubtful passion & determination to take on the industry by storm. Jah Link is Touring Zimbabwe, Mauritius & the Reunion Island from Aug – Dec 2012 he will be waving his name on Exotic Islands. He will also be doing shows around Gauteng mostly Johannesburg so to ensure that his music reaches as much of the South Africa as possible as his mission is to win the hearts of the South Africans as he has already won hearts of those abroad.

Email: royaljahlink12@gmail.com





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