Rastafari Continental Conference (RCC) and Afrika Day Celebrations 2018

Rastafari Greetings, from South Afrika`s RCC secretariat to the first conference, election and inauguration of the RCC Afrikan Continental Executive Council. The inauguration will be aligned with the celebration of the 55th Anniversary of the inauguration of the Organization of the Afrikan Union in 1963.

Rastafari is moving progressively forward in this new dispensation, and the growth of the nation on the Motherland is seriously rising to higher highest as we have highly educated and Rasta sons and dawtas in most fields of professional jobs and enterprises. We are making unsurmountable contributions to the economy of our countries and uplifting the socio-economic development of the communities we live, as we are multi-faceted and diverse in our livity. This is why not just the Rastafari community is waiting for good governance from our own leadership, the majority of the world populations is waiting for the day we truly bring peace, love, equality and justice to the people as we have been the loudest voice the ball is now in our court.

All delegates are required to meet their own expenses for travel and accommodation. It`s very important you provide us with your airline arrival and departure times early to enable our shuttle transport to pick you up at the Cape town International Airport and the taken to the venue for registration and there after taken to your prearranged or to the accommodation of your affordability.

The same goes for delegates travelling by bus or train arrival times must be sent to us as early as possible.

Those who have booked flights only to Oliver Tambo International airport should book a connecting flight to Cape Town. You will find booking online works out cheaper and if done in advance can be as much as the bus ride from Johannesburg, which is an 18-hour journey by road to Cape Town.

2nd Annual Rasta Nation March - Commemoration Battle of Adwa 1896

Visa: most countries outside of the Southern Afrikan region need to apply for entry visas into South Afrika, be warned Beit bridge border gate has a long wait from no less than 3 hours and most defiantly more on the strong ends. Those who are travelling by road please be advised to find out all cross border requirements as document needs and costs may differ going through different countries. For those travelling by air make sure you check with the airline all requirements before boarding the flights.

Immigration: For immigration purposes, you will need the following address of the conference venue and accommodation. The Reverie Estate Wellington Paarl Western Cape, Ras Mortimer Ricketts +27 82 776 2903.

Registration: A registration fee of R200, just less than $20 usd must be paid per participating delegate. To cover cost of three meals a day and some ground transport. A shuttle service for delegates to programmed events and tours, RCC will provided.

Ground Transport: transport can be hired with a driver for a fee to tour around Paarl or Cape Town. SA RCC transport coordinator Ras Kebra +27 73 156 1002

Reservations: make reservations early in order to get better prices for your travel and accommodation. Travelling in groups of ten will ensure discounted prices.

Food: All meals provided by RCC will be vegetarian, otherwise the shops and supermarkets are well stocked with a good verity of foods and drinks.

Medical: Any delegate with medical needs must advise us in advance in order for adequate provisions to be provided. A medic will be present at the conference and provisions for emergencies

Clothing: South Afrika can be warm sometimes hot during the day time but when there`s a cold Atlantic sea breeze and wet during month of May and very cold at night so have a mixed bag of warm and some light clothing.

The general population of South Afrika are very friendly and show nuff love to Rastafari even the police, but be vigilant and observant as in some areas crime is high. It is advisable that delegates move in groups and with ones known to the RCC secretariat. Fulljoy your stay in SA, for those who would like to stay on for more days and go on tour around SA please inform us in advance and arrangements will be made to make your stay fruitful. For those looking to repatriate please be advised normal immigration laws of taking up residence will apply, you can visit the South Afrikan Embassy in your respective countries for further advise on investments and taking up residence.

The Rastafari community is willing and ready to Host and Warmly Welcome all our Brothers and Sisters HOME. Have a pleasant journey to South Afrika.

                                                        Jah Rastafari Blessed love.

Thau Thau Haramanuba  RCC. SA Country Representative
+27 73 788 5808                      

Ras Hail Negus RCC  – SA Country Representative
+27 79 669 3959          

Conference Details and Programme HERE

Afrika Day Celebration Programme HERE