2nd Annual Rasta Nation March – Commemorating Battle of Adwa 1896

2nd Annual Rasta Nation March – Commemorating Battle of Adwa 1896

This is the Second year of this initiative Celebrating the Ethiopian Heritage: The Victory over Italy at Adwa Battle in 1896 and also a rallying call to put pressure on the Government to stop Marginalizing and Victimizing RASTAFARI people for their consciousness and beliefs.

The Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL) has done a research on Rastafari Religion and culture advocate the report recommendations done in 2011-2012 by the name of “Challenges faced by Rastafari communities in South AfricaOn the 8th of December 2016 Rastafari United Front marched to South African constitutional court to submit the memorandum of Grievances and CRL report on Challenges Faced by the Rastafari Community in South Africa recommendations implementation.

The 2nd Adwa Day March marks the 121st Anniversary of Ethiopia’s Victory at Battle of Adwa on March 1st, 1896. We invite All People to celebrate this Victory and Great Moment in African History: The legacy of Resistance to European Colonialism.

The Purpose of the March is to Put pressure on Government to Recognize RasTafari, to bring about Visibility Of RasTafari Nation and Movement so that our Youths and Elders are no longer undermined in their places of Study (Schools) and Work (Corporate), to bring about the understanding to the Courts and the Enforcers of Law (Police and Prosecutors) that Rasta is not easy targets and criminals in our communities.

The issues Rastas Face as a community and as individuals on the streets are too much to mention, Rastas are too often victims of unnecessary heavy handed police brutality because Police officers are not taught by their Superiors and Government employer to Know RasTafari to Decriminalize Ganja.

We are also reminding Government of the CRL recommendations.
The March is to Promote and preserve Ancient Ethiopian History and to inspire the Youth to appreciLove their Gloriful Roots and Culture as RasTafari people.

We are certain of RasTafari people coming from all over SouthAfrica to Cape Town for this Annual Event.
This is second year of the March, and it will never stop but only Grow in Size and Festivities.

Adwa Victory Day March scheduled for 1st March 2017 in Cape Town City Bowl; Assembly point is Keizergracht Parking lot at 9:00am from which the March will proceed towards Parliament to hand over Memorandum of Grievances to Government officials.

Collectives, Activists, Associations and Organisation of the Rastafari movement can get it touch with

Ras Hein – Organising Committee of The Rasta Nation March on +27 847878033 or

Get in touch on FACEBOOK: Rasta Nation March – CapeTown, South Africa