On The Journey with Ras Fyahman Canly | Interview

Ras Canly - The Journey

On The Journey with Ras Fayaman Canly
By Ras Phumudzo Maba

There is a buzz of anticipation around TSHIMA song of the year winner Ras Canly’s upcoming album, The Journey, which is expected to drop in September. The Ndi Nga Si Vuye hitmaker does not want to reveal much about the contents of the album but promises that it will be full of surprises and a some international collaborations. He released a few video teasers via his social media platforms and from those snippets one can tell that Ras Canly has indeed come a long way since winning song of the year at TSHIMA (Tshivenda Music Awards) 2017; his sophomore album My Pride did well on the regional level, and now with The Journey he expands his reach beyond regional boundaries and making it available on digital platforms plus a bonus DVD. This all makes for the title The Journey very much appropriate.

MzansiReggae reached out to him and Ras Phumudzo Maba did the interview.

When I first heard that Ras ‘Fyahman’ Canly is cooking something in the studio and what we are about to be fed is almost ready for serving. I couldn’t help waiting any longer and I opted to get more information from the chef of reggae/dancehall music himself. Dubbed as the fastest growing reggae/dancehall musician in Venda. RasCanly will be releasing his third studio album on September 15, 2019. I recently interacted with RasCanly to get an insight about the album. Our interaction was centered on the preparation of the album, the album itself, post-release plans of the album and few topics that may be of interest to music fans worldwide. What then follows next is the transcript of the interview, with slight modification for clarity.

Ras Phumudzo Maba: How long did it take you to put the album together?

RasCanly: It took close to two months. I started brainstorming around June and started recording around July.

Ras Phumudzo Maba: What was the mindset like when putting together an album? Where did you draw the inspiration and what was the mood like when recording?

RasCanly: Doing music, especially recording an album, requires dedication and focus. I had a positive mindset, already had a target of how many copies I aim to sell, told the people the release month. So that’s what got me working hard.

Ras Phumudzo Maba: Are there any songs that have been released prior to the album? If so, how is the reception like from the fans?

RasCanly: None of the songs in the album have been commercially released – but some  were released for radio stations promotions. The response from the fans is amazing and the people are patiently waiting.

Ras Phumudzo Maba: What is the name of the album? And, why did you chose the name for the album?

RasCanly: The album is titled “The Journey”. The Journey simply because, we have been doing this music thing for long and we are not going to stop, so we are on the journey, one day we will reach the destination, where there are greener pastures.

Ras Phumudzo Maba: How many tracks are in the albums?

RasCanly: The album is going to be a DVD/CD combo,the CD will have 16 tracks. For the DVD I’m still undecided.

Ras Phumudzo Maba: Speaking of the DVD, there are some videos that have been doing rounds on social media are those songs included in the album?

RasCanly: Some of the songs in those videos are in the album and some will only be available in the DVD. I have released so many singles and as a results the DVD will be made up of songs in the album and also the released singles. So the DVD is more like a bonus to the fans.

Ras Phumudzo Maba: Are there any artists that are featured in the album? If so, who are those artists and how was the recording done?

RasCanly: There are many artists featured in the album but that I will not reveal for now.

Ras Phumudzo Maba: But we all know that you’ve been working on something with Lutan Fyah – How did you link up with him and how was the recording done?

RasCanly: I reached out to Elder Lutan Fyah and he showed some interest when listening to my music. (laughs). We are all using the same internet and same social media that was the process of getting him. The Struggle is real – That is the name of my song that Lutan Fyah was singing in the video clip that you have seen on social media.

Ras Phumudzo Maba: Where was the album recorded and who produced the album?

RasCanly: The album was recorded at RasCanly’s Studio known as ‘Top Shatters’, I produced the album myself with the help of Blessa and Worth Vee.

Ras Phumudzo Maba: Would you consider the album to be Reggae or Dancehall? How would you classify the genre of the album?

RasCanly: The album is a Reggae/Dancehall. You will find Reggae and Dancehall songs. My genre is Reggae/Dancehall.

Ras Phumudzo Maba: When will the album be released?

RasCanly: The album will be released on the 15th September 2019.

Ras Phumudzo Maba: How will the album be available to the fans?

RasCanly: The album will be available on all digital stores, but since there is also a DVD Included. There will also be CD and DVD available for sale at different music stores and I will also be selling together with my manager in Gauteng.

Ras Phumudzo Maba: Do you have any promotion gigs lined up for the album already? How will the album be marketed?

RasCanly: There will be “The Journey” Tour. Dates will be announced on all my social media platforms.

Ras Phumudzo Maba: What are the lessons that you’ve learnt when putting together this album?

RasCanly: If you do what you love whole heartedly, you enjoy it. I leant focus and dedication.

Ras Phumudzo Maba: For someone new to your music, what songs can you refer them to?

RasCanly: I wouldn’t say a specific song, but rather all of RasCanly’s Music. Each song has its own style, message and feeling.


Ras Canly The Journey

Ras Phumudzo Maba: What do you want to see change or improve in the Reggae/Dancehall arena?

RasCanly: I would want the Reggae/Dancehall genre to be recognized just like any other genre.

Ras Phumudzo Maba: Who is your favorite dancehall artist? Who is your favorite reggae artist?

RasCanly: Queen Ifrica, Kenny Murabi, King Shango Capleton, Black Dillinger.

Ras Phumudzo Maba: What is on your playlist right now?

RasCanly: I am listening to “RasCanly –The Journey” doing final touches.

Ras Phumudzo Maba: Thank you RasCanly and all the best for “The Journey”.

RasCanly: Blessed…

Ras Phumudzo Maba is a native of Makonde Village in the Limpopo Province and is currently based in Gauteng. He is a Data Analyst by profession and a Reggae enthusiast who writes for MzansiReggae.