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Women empowerment on the Main Stage | Rototom Sunsplash

Women empowerment on the Main Stage of Rototom Sunsplash through the voices of Marcia Griffiths and Queen Ifrica

Rototom Sunsplash will have a feminine touch this SUNDAY 18th AUGUST in the hands of the women who, in one way or another, have stood out in their respective careers. One the one hand, the Main Stage will embrace two generations which have left their mark on the Jamaican music scene. On the other hand, areas like Magicomundo will open its doors to voices such as the activist Sonia Guajajara, one of the leaders in the indigenous fight against the exploitation of the Amazon, who will host a special storytelling session.

With respect to the Main Stage, Marcia Griffiths, the indisputable queen of the genre, has prepared a special and unique show to celebrate her 55-year career with the public. Her career started off as a key part in the I Threes, who accompanied Bob Marley. Step by step, she forged her own act by in hands of a wide range of hits such as Feel Like Jumping, Stepping Out Of Babylon and Dreamland. She built one of the most solid, strongest and prolific careers that the Caribbean island has given throughout its history.

The very same afternoon, before playing on stage, Griffiths will be taking the microphone at the Reggae University to offer a first-person account of her story and music knowledge in the conference entitled ‘Marck my word’.

Main Stage.

Returning to the Main Stage, Queen Ifrica will return to Benicàssim to captivate the crowd with her cocktail of reggae and dancehall and her socially engaging lyrics. She is the daughter of Derrick Morgan, considered by many to be the ‘king of ska’. She has made a gap for herself in the modern reggae scene and become one of the key female voices in the modern music scene.

The Abyssinians.

Alongside them, the legendary Jamaican vocal trio Culture will get on stage for their show, counting on the participation of Kenyatta Hill, son of Joseph Hill, the founder of the band. The line-up of the Main Stage will be completed by the French duo L’Entourloop, who will be joined by Troy Berkley the MC from Bermuda and the trumpet player N’Zeng

Africa will also have a special place on this day at Rototom Sunsplash. As an example, the sounds of Ghana will fill the African Stage with Fokn Bois, one of the most internationally known bands from the country, who have prepared their first concert in Spain for the stage.

Likewise, with the line-up of the new space Ataya, the voices of prominent activists and representatives of a diverse range of afro-descendent collectives will tackle the key issues of the anti-racist movement #Wearemore. As well as pointing out the risks of the rise of the far-right in Europe, they will examine the obstacles experienced by the migrant and radicalised populations in our country.

Reggae University.

In addition, in another of the main forums for meeting and debate, the Reggae University, will show a film committed to reggae, entitled ‘Wake Up!’, from the recently deceased Ángel Loza. It’s a film that will follow the first of the rasta Seminars of this edition and which will investigate reggae as a vehicle for the rastafari message, with speakers such as  Neil, from King Shiloh Sound System, as well as Ras Ibi and Ras Julio, from the House of Rastafari.

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