Zed Reggae and Rasta Awards

Zambia hosts the second Zed Reggae and Rasta Awards

The Zed Reggae and Rasta Awards, an initiative that came from concerned members of the Reggae and Rastafari Community in Zambia, is to hold its second staging of the Awards on 30 November 2019. It came from the frustration of the fact that Reggae and Rasta were being sidelined and downplayed by various stakeholders. Propelled by UNESCO’s recognition of the role played by Reggae globally, the Strategic Committee decided to actualize the honouring of those who have contributed to the positive development of our society. The idea of the Award was as a way of remembering where we have come from and to motivate our own people to continue making positive contributions to our society.The Committee headed by: Negus Nkoma- Coordinator; Julius Chilala – Financial Advisor; Ras Anada – Project Manager; Ras Muzo – Music Coordinator; Ras Muka – Publicity; and Papay Meeky – Secretary.

The inaugural Awards were held in December 2018 and the honors went to Ras Tammuz for Haile Salessie Award; Twelve Tribes Organisation of Kitwe for Rasta House Award; Shakarongo Music for Reggae Promotion organization; Mellow Moods for Reggae Promotion Venue; Maoma band for Reggae Band; and Hot Stepper for Media Award.

This year the Awards will be on the 30th of November 2019 and the categories are;
Haile Salessie Award
Empress Award
Rasta House Awards
Rasta Youth Award
Reggae Promotion Organisation
Reggae Promotion Venue
Reggae Band
Media Award

The event will be preceded by an Art exhibition from 23rd November to 30th November 2019 at the minimal contribution of K20 at Mellow Moods.

Event Details
Date: 30 November 2019
Time: 17:00 CAT
Admin: K20 + Unity
Venue: Mellow Moods, Kamwala South, (Asafam Area)



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