ZionRuts Family Realeses Sophomore Album – Life Cycle

After a year of hard work and perseverance, the ZionRuts is now on a launch tour of it’s 9 track album titled ‘Life Cycle’ which was firstly unwrapped in Nelspruit. This album comes after our 15 track album titled Kip on Surviving which managed to knock on a couple of doors for us both locally and internationally (VEGAN FEST Bristol UK). It was also amongst the top 10 preliminary nominations of best reggae album at AMA Awards we are now looking forward to opening more doors with Life Cycle’ said Rutsman the band leader.

Performances for the album launch will start at Casambo Exclusive Lodge on the 28th of January, moving on to other venues yet to be confirmed and leaving a mark at the Sabie Tube Race from the 9th of February until the 11th. In Nelspruit the band will be staying at The Blue Moon courtesy of Lindsey Lopes; “We will be in Nelspruit for the second time after having performed there at WoodCrock 2017 last year and we fell inlove with Nelspruit after meeting with beautiful people who enjoyed our music we felt this was the best that we can do giving them the first hand taste of our album,” said Rutsman

The next stop will be Gauteng, Capetown and Durban with more places still
to be confirmed across the country" said Ziondawta the band backing
vocalist. “Our music is also about elevating people through messages of peace, love
and unity in the arms of sweet harmony. The way the people responded to our music really surprised us from our first album and in all the shows we perform, the audience love our messages of motivation, upliftment and focusing in life knowing Jah Heal in all situations not forgetting the love which makes the world turn giving us day and night everyday (brotherly love, sisterly love, fatherly love, motherly love which all is Jahlove). We hope to distribute our messages to all corners of the world, to give hope to people who are giving up on life,” said Rutsman Spice,band leader also lead singer.

Zionruts Family’s new album will certainly appeal to both reggae fans, as well as those who enjoy good music as it carries musical styles made by love. Tracks include; Tell her, Shinga, Running in Circles, On his majesty path, There is a way, Ruts reggae music, Lockdown, Just the other day and Shinga acoustic version. Shinga strengthens the people regardless of whatever the situation they face under the sun, reminding them that giving up is never an option as the future is only build a day at a time sang in a vernocular language.

Running in circles revisits the scriptures and bring them closer to the world we are living in today looking at the kind of way the people of today are living searching for saviours amongst human beings worshiping people instead of God (Jah) the creator. On his majesty path simply talks about the band’s path that we trod on, which is never easy as we come across great difficulties in life coming across people who try to pull us down in life but God (Jah) always see us through.

Just the other day is an endless song of a family crying over things that are hard for them to change through the programmed lifestyle they live. Tell her is a lovers song which is all about giving confidence and motivation to a partner to tell her loved one how much they love them everyday Ruts reggae music is joyful and talks about how reggae music is formed within Zionruts family, how we get inspirations to make such music.

Lockdown taken from a bible verse also goes into detail about the time that we are living, whereby those who analyse the book of life know the times we are in. There is a way is a song which talks about ways that the mosthigh always gives us through difficult situations when our wits have reached the end and we have no option in life thats the time the Mosthigh gives us a way. The album is currently only available at live shows but it will be in stores in 3 months.

International producers were involved in the recording of the album. From Jamaica, Notnice Productions and Iyah Vibes Music and Tabbath productions, from Spain we worked with Bernat of Burn It Produccions, from South Africa Badman/Topmafia Records, Bahatawi Records is from Ethiopia, Rockstone studio from Canada, Monolio studio from Zimbabwe. “It was never easy to complete this album ,as it took us 1 year recording and
trying to come up with the perfect sound that we all were in love with”, continues Rutsman.
The band has shared the stage with Jamaican reggae stars Sizzla Kalonji and Chronixx, as well as with The Lucky Dube band amongst other great from different genres.
Zionruts Family draws inspiration from reggae legends like Bob and Rita Marley, as well as other stalwarts like Roots Radics, Twinkle Brothers, Third World, Misty in Roots, Marcia Griffiths, to mention just a few international acts.

The band was formed a couple of years ago in South Africa by Rutsman Spice lead vocalist and band leader and Thenjiwe Bekezela “Zion Dawta” Khumalo backing vocalists and band representative along with drummer Ras Mandimika, lead guitar player Kenny Davies Mwanza, rhythm guitarist Mthakazelwa SkinKhala Mavimba and Blessing and NaughtyBoy; Shamu (bass guitar).

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