Black Jahman

Black Jahman

Black Jahman

Known to his multitude of fans as Black Jahman, Witness Fakazi Ntshangase was born on 16 May 1977 in Dhlomo-Dhlomo, KwaNongoma in KZN. Black Jahman is known for his electric and energetic stage performances and has earned himself a name in the local Reggae circles. His latest album, the ‘Peace teacher’ was recently nominated for the 2017 SATMA (South African Traditional Achievement Awards).

Black Jahman currently works in Venda, and the Reggae loving nation has embraced his music. He songs tackle issues such as corruption, evil and the oppression of the black nation by those in power. He has released a number of albums since he started recording in 2008. Black Jahman’s career took a turn when in 2007 he bought himself a keyboard and in 2008 he recorded his first album titled ‘Free Man’. Since then he has released more than 10 albums. His latest offering titled ‘Peace Teacher’ was released in December 2016 and has been a hit with his fans as he continues to bring Reggae music to the people.

At all stages and platforms that he performs, the Black Jahman crew is always a marvel to watch. Currently the fans are rating him as the greatest reggae performer of all time yet he remains humble and looking forward to accomplish more. Black Jahman currently stays in Limpopo along the Drakensberg and Mapungubwe heritage site. He naturally shampoos his dreadlocks at the bank of Limpopo river without provoking peaceful crocodiles. Black Jahman mentions Rodney Winston, Joseph Hill, Mzwakhe Mbuli, Lucky Dube, Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff as some of the artists who have inspired him in the music.

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