Lufuno Munzhelele

Lufuno Munzhelele

Lufuno Munzhelele is a Reggae artist who hails from Venda in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. He has just released his debut single, ‘Li do da duvha’, from his upcoming EP. The lead single, which is also accompanied by a video, sees Lufuno collaborating with KingsFam, a hip hop group also from Venda.

He has always shown interest in music and writing from an early age. This passion was shown through writing poems and short stories, as well as participating actively in sports and arts disciplines in the local youth movements. Venda is known as the home of Reggae in South Africa, it does not come as a surprise that Lufuno chose Reggae (or rather Reggae chose Lufuno) as his favourite genre. His love for Reggae was inspired more when he met Humbulani ‘Reggaeman’ Ragimana with whom they started a band called ‘HardRock’.

After graduating with a Bcom (Accounting) degree Lufuno worked for a few organizations before getting a job in the government sector in 2010. By 2013 he had started recording songs that were to be part of his first album, working with Mulalo Mukwevho of the Burning Shack studios. Subsequently, during the late 2014 Lufuno took a decision to resign from his work in order to focus on his music career full time.

‘Li do da duvha’ was the first single to be released by Lufuno Munzhelele in early 2017, and was accompanied by a video which is on Youtube. Lufuno was selected to showcase his music at the 4th SA Indies Music Week in Gold Reef City, Johannesburg on 06 February 2017. He is working on an Extended Play to be released in late 2017.



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