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Crazy Rebel

Crazy Rebel
Crazy Rebel

Bongani Msiza (Crazy Rebel) born in Natal Spruit on 1985 and moved to Sharpville in  theVaal side where he discovered his talent as a musician at early age of 13. At first he started as a Hip Hop artist, he was rapping seriously and loved hip hop. Bongani even participated in the Mr and Miss Selbourne Primary School and won the first price as the most unique participant.

Out of all the performances he was the only individual to come up with something different and unique as rapping. At that time, at that age, no one dared to rap, he truly was an inspiration to all young growing kids up at that time. From that time going on Bongani’s passion for music and art started to grow stronger, he started being more creative and passionate

Bongani Msiza (Crazy Rebel) is a passionate artist and it comes from the bottom of his heart; he also furthered his career by going to music school for the history of music, theory ensemble, and practical of vocal and bass guitar. He is also good in song writing, and he is a dj and a dancer all-rounder entertainer and he can also be a Mc to events because he is well spoken, with the gift of 6 languages. He studied at CJC Art College Crown mines. Bongani Msiza is an artist that is very talented and a hard worker, passionate about what he is doing, his an inspiration to all other young artist and his being also grooming them to be up there. He loves music with all his heart and he put his full attention to the music industry, music is his life, he doesn’t have a job, music is his career path of life He was part of the first ALL BLACK ROCK BAND in South Africa which was originated in Soweto (Johannesburg) playing a bass guitar and backing vocals, the band was called ORGANISE DISTORTION, and it was a four piece band. They played places like, Splashy Fan Festival; they toured the Durban Rock Seen. Again as he was still part of the ORGANISE DISTORTION they played for MOON CHILDAnd then later Bongani Msiza joined a band called TATOO L9 which was originated in Vaal Triangle, he was also playing a bass guitar and backing vocals. They recorded two albums independently. This band was so famous in the underground and they also played with 340 ml.

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