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Daddy Spencer

daddyMbulelo Michael Mato

Born in the ghetto of Gugulethu in Cape Town, South Africa as Mbulelo Michael Mato, Daddy Spencer has been in the music since the 90s, with friends forming a local ragga/hiphop fusion group of three, called GHETTO MAFFIN, then later in Johannesburg with the group TRYBE doing Kwaito,a South African unique style of music.

Currently Daddy Spencer is back in Cape Town recording reggae/dancehall songs, his original first love of music…delivering messages of Peace,Universal love, Happy songs, sad songs, party songs, feel good songs, but all who know his music would agree, he is the “Love Song Addict”…singing inna singjay, dj or roots kind of style and his voice is unique, incomparable to no one’s, bringing melodies that will reach deep in to your heart, taking you with him into the song, no matter what the song is about, Daddy Spencer is sure to touch you inside with his voice and he cannot be boxed to one style of music as he is a versatile artist.

All in all, according to Daddy Spencer,his music career has just begun and getting better and better by the day,     watch this space…bigger tings to come from Daddy Spencer a.k.a De Good Gyals Defender.”

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