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Iley creationMalvern Mutya

Iley Creation was born Malvern Mutya in the South Eastern province of Zimbabwe in Gutu In 1986, his love for music was rooted from a young age with him getting influence from sister Sarah and brother Christopher who regularly played music, he was there as a listener and dancer.

In 2000, he moved to Mash Central Province to continue with secondary school and there he met people who appreciated Reggae and Dancehall Music by artists like Buju Banton, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man whose music was going tough on the dancehall scene and Creation fell in love with the vibe and fire started.

Through listening to the music he also discovered some hidden concepts but crucial aspects of the music which were the deejaying and MCing aspect. He had the ability to juggle the riddims and freestyle the raggamuffin style and the people around were enjoying it.

During high school in 2003 at Herman Gmeiner, Creation started to be active on most musical scenes that earn him the name Culture Ranks and this exposed him to local artist such as Mega Spice ,Gagamel Priestly and some deejays and sounds like Hard knocks, Zion Way, Dark Yard and Dutty Cup to mention just a few.

In 2007 Iley Creation became involved in musical oriented programmes such as BOCAPA Exposure which gave him a better idea about his career. The same year saw Creation voicing tunes with Seed Ifrica and linking up with Reggae Bands like Crucial Mix, Transit Crew and Hotter Fire band before moving to Zambia to complete his Bachelor Degree of Administration at the University of Zimbabwe.

In Zambia (Lusaka) he joined Baffalo X , his high school friend and former dj who was at that time was popular on the Zambian Reggae scene and Creation was there to make a strong duo. Baffalo X helped Creation’s musical career and other aspects of his life. Baffalo linked Creation to radio stations such Hone FM and the Unza FM owned and located at University of Zambia where Creation’s songs enjoyed airplay and interviews which gave him great exposure in a foreign land.

In 2010, during the completion of his studies at the university he linked Gaanwid who owns Trinidad Records where he voiced tunes namely Welcome the DJ on the Ammunition Riddim by Critical and the song received a good response from many youths. The same year was also packed with action because Creation was active in most community based programmes which he used to spread the vibe and introduced himself. Under Trinidad, Creation earned much support from Gaanwid who gave him free studio time and riddims which he produced and pushed the tunes to the radio station. All the efforts were rewarded as were the songs from him and other artists like Rickie Perplex, Legend Elly, Smiley, Quonfused, Gee Brandon and Almaxton. Those also gave him attention from well rated Sound Systems namely Iyk Fresh, Fyah Lynx Zimbabwe, Rockers Family to name just a few.

The same year saw Creation voicing well rated on the Anti Sanction Riddim, MY Wife RIddim, African Gal Riddim with a song She is Hot which earned him attention from international Radio Station Zim Carib Radio where he enjoys massive airplay. Currently Creation is based in Cape Town where the reggae scene is also busy with artists such as Blak Kalamawi whom he recorded a lovers reggae tune Ndiwe, a single that is receiving good ears across Zimbabwe, Canada and South Africa and more reggae fans.

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