Empress Naphtali

Empress Naphtali

Empress Naphtali

Tracey-Leigh Ramplin is a Singer, Songwriter, poet and Recording artist known as Empress Naphtali. She sings conscious Roots Reggae music for those who seek healing and inspiration. She hails from picturesque town of Wellington, 45-minutes drive from Cape Town in South Africa. It is here that she cultivates and composes melodies and lyrics that she conveys through the universal language of Reggae

Reggae Music, the deepest expression of the soul that elevates and transcends higher heights is the music that Jah Dawta, Empress Naphtali, uses to uplift and elevate souls. Her music speaks to the heart and resonates through time; it is the powerful yet gentle cry for love unity and peace. She seeks to uplift others and help them heal while at the same time glorifying the Most High and giving thanks and praises.

Music has been her greatest passion from an early age and throughout her school years she was involved in the school choir. Born in Paarl, in the Western Cape, her family relocated to Johannesburg soon after, and that is where she grew up and where she started manifesting her love for music. She learned how to play the violin and, she recorded her first R&B song when she was in high school and has been writing creatively. She wrote and experimented with short stories, journaling, poetry and even scripts which she would then channel into songwriting. In 2012 she heeded the Rastafari calling and transitioned into Reggae.

Rising in Rastafari
She rose in Rastafari in 2011 at a time when she was going through deep turmoil in her life. When the she received the 'call' from Rastafari, she answered with humbleness; “Through rising in Rastafari, I found myself, the person that the Most High intended me to be. Rising in Rastafari brought me so much peace within me, it unlocked my deeper spirituality that was dormant and it restored balance that I was in desperate need of. I embraced Rastafari with reverence and began to realise my role on this Earth."

It became apparent to her that through accessing her spirituality and abiding to the will of the Most High that her life had changed for the better. “I live my life in servitude of the Most High and in doing so I claim my role in serving others in the way the Most High leads me to.” When she started her career in Reggae music she chose Empress Naphtali as her stage name, essentially becoming the Empress of Love which is rooted in the principle of Jah being love. The name Naphtali derives from one of the Mansions of Rastafari, the 12 Tribes of Israel – Naphtali, the tribe of Love. For everything that she writes about, be it poetry or lyrics is inspired by the Most High. Her strength and humility is gracefully woven into her compassionate and positive nature. Her mission is to encourage, promote and spread the Love of Jah, self, each other and creation.

Reggae Music
Her first single Trying Times was released in 2012 soon after rising in Rastafari. Three years later she released her Debut EP From The Heart, produced by talented Zimbabwean producer Bevern “SP” Craine. The bonus track “Righteousness” was produced by the late Cape Town producer, Skeleton Da Scientist. The album as the title suggests is most definitely from the heart. All the songs written are songs that uplift and spread the message of love. The EP resonated well within the Rastafari community both at home and abroad. In 2019 she followed with her debut full album: Evergreen produced by  Dylan McKeith. In 'Keeping the Faith', a track from the album, Empress Naphtali features Belize native Jah Myhrakle who is based in New York. Here she entrances with her melodious yet powerful voice chanting conscious and motivational lyrics while Jah Myhrakle provides a mighty and explosive sound while executing his deep lyrics. She and Culture Brown from Jamaica based in Canada, come together to create a powerful vibe with a track called Victory, a song about overcoming battles by harnessing the power and strength from within. It incites a peaceful means of being victorious without resorting to violence. Both tracks were released as singles respectively.

She listens to other kindred spirits like Dezarie, Jah9, Queen Ifrica, Hempress Sativa and Queen Omega, they give her the inspiration as she feels that they share the same frequencies. Empress Naphtali, Jah Dawta, is a messenger and it’s in Reggae that she can best express this, provide the hope, where one can just be real and radiate love.

Trying Times, 2012 (Single)
From The Heart, 2015 (EP)
Evergreen, 2019 (Full Album)

2015 – Monwabisi Reggae Sunsplash
2015 - Sunny Ocean Festival
2019 – Jahmena Night

Online Music
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/empress-naphtali
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChF3ZgD0l_X0XtYFirF3UsQ
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4Dph7rouMcPxo6QUikl3MY

Email: jahdawta77@gmail.com
Bookings: mightyrootsbookings@gmail.com



Email: jahdawta77@gmail.com
Bookings: mightyrootsbookings@gmail.com
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