Skeleton Da Scientist

Skeleton Da Scientist

Leroy America [ 11 August, 1986 – 07 March 2018]

Skeleton Da Scientist Is A Professional Dancehall-Reggae Artist and Music Producer. Skeleton Meaning the Supporting Structure, Because Of How He Maintains His Stability and Creativity Lyrically and Musically. Skeleton Is Known by His Conscious Lyrical Content, Positive Messages, Expressed Throughout His Musical Compositions That Inspire With Consciousness.

His Record Label Is Called Rebels’tone Muzik Lab.

He Was Born 1986 in Cape Town, South Africa, and Has Been Contaminated With Music Ever Since. At A Very Young Age He Was Chosen As the Main Role in the Music Video Of Reggae Band Sons of Selassie. It All Basically Started Back Then Already Though He Only Started Taking Things Seriously At A Later Age, And At About Age 14 He Began to Play Acoustic Guitar by Learning Few Chords from His Uncle. Skeleton Then Moved on to Keyboard and Bass Guitar at The Youth Musical Project Which is Co-ordinated by Brother Manchi.

As A Teenager, He Didn’t Get Into Much Trouble He Used To Hang Out On The Open Field Across The Road From Where He Grew Up And Was Always Active With Somersaults And Backflips With Some Others Kids From Around The Neighborhood. Even So the Awakening Didn’t Happen Over The Passing Of A Night, Him And His Younger Brother Use To Like Recording Themselves Onto Cassette and Would Play It Back Over And Over and When It All Eventually Naturally Started Taking Shape, He Then Approached ‘Brother Manchi’ (lead singer of Sons Of Selassie reggae band) For Further Guidance.

Early 2000’s He Did His First Recordings by Red Lion aka Redda Fella a Songwriter and Sound Engineer Who Had a Small Recording Studio at His Home. He Also Did Several Random Projects With Students and Studios. Somewhere Around 2005/06’ He And Younger Brother Spyda Stringz Started to Set Up For Recordings At Home So That They Don’t Move Around To Much Seeking Studios More Than What They Recording,  About Then He First Met Crosby Bolani a Reggae – Dancehall Artist/Producer At UCT Radio. It Was Only Some While after That When Skeleton Went To Crosby’s Place With Some Material, and Skelly Recorded Three Songs, One Which Was On One of Bolani’s Riddims. Skeleton Didn’t Stop Working Hard and Started Doing Various Shows Alongside Reggae Band Sons Of Selassie.

It Wasn’t Long Before This Young Talented Artist Was Known Amongst The Local People Through His Powerful Conscious Lyrics and Production Of Dancehall – Reggae Riddims. It Wasn’t Even Long And A Whole Lot Of Other Local Artists Contacted His Label Wanting To Voice Riddims and Feature On Projects. Rebels’tone Muzik Lab Advanced to A New Level and In 2011 Did Their First Project featuring Three Jamaican Artistes Along With Some Local Upcoming Artists, In 2012 He Also Voiced a Riddim for A Producer from Canada – Yen Productions.

Skeleton Da Scientist by Then Already Had a String of Songs and at Capleton’s Cape Town Concert He Introduced the Song That Began to Establish His Significant Place “Clean” (Forensiq Science Riddim) With The Sons Of Selassie Band.

He Performed To A Crowd of 18000 in Johannesburg And It Made Massive Impact Instantly, Whilst In Joburg He Also Performed At Several Other Venues As Headline Artist. He Returned To Cape Town and Released His Album Along With Some Singles Internationally With Distribution Giant 21st Hapilos.

FULL NAME: Leroy America
KNOWN AS: Skeleton Da Scientist
BORN: 11 August, 1986, Cape Town – South Africa.
GENRE: Dancehall – Reggae
OCCUPATION: Musician – Producer
INSTRUMENTS: Vocals – Guitar – Bass – Keyboard
LABEL: Rebels’tone Muzik Lab
DISTRIBUTION: Rebelstonia Digital

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