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Phephile Hlophe

Jazz P is a Swazi female lyricist and vocalist, majoring in ‘Rhythm and Poetry’ (RAP). Her biological name ‘Phephile’-meaning survived/safe, has kept her head above the water throughout the 13 years of her musical career thus far. She has worked with Outspoken (Zimbabwe), Lady Thanda (Zimbabwe) through a cross-cultural collaboration project funded by African Synergy and Bushfire Festival in 2007. She performed at Bushfire festival 2013 with her Mozambican band -The Next Generation. She worked with Jama (Uganda), Bob Sam (Mozambique), Bob da Rage Sense (Angola), Dama do Bling (Mozambique), Likhute (Mozambique), Spirits Indigenous (Swaziland) and most recently recorded with Nomadic Wax-a Hip hop band from Brooklyn that was performing at Azgo festival 2016 with Mozambique’s Hip hop giant – Azagaia.

She has a video and an EP that was shot in Mozambique, sponsored by her record label – Kongoloti Records, which is a digital stable that has aided in spreading Jazz P on an international platform. Her EP is called ‘In my heart.’ which can be found on online platforms like soundcloud and bandcamp. The video song title is ‘Oh Jah.’

Consciousness led her to Reggae and since she is a born lyricist her unconditional love for dancehall had her recording a dancehall EP of 8 tracks called ‘Jah workshaanz‘ which is to be released in 2016. It was to test the waters but now feeling very optimistic about it. She is  currently finishing a hip hop-reggae-soul album that is a follow through of her very first release –In my Heart. It will be released this year in December. She has performed at Arts alive-Speak your mind festival alongside the likes of the great Jamaican Poet-Mutabaruka and Lebo Mashile (Poet).


FACEBOOK: Phephile Jazz P Hlophe

INSTAGRAM: Jazzphephile 

YOUTUBE: Kongoloti Records

Label: Kongoloti Records


Email: jazzphephile@gmail.com

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