Confidence Ruvimbo Nyajinha aka MANIKONGO was Born in Harare, Zimbabwe in January 1978. He is a poet, song writer and a musician. Started performing poetry as a way to teach and address specific social issues in the Zimbabwean society that he grew in and at the same time entertaining. In 2001, won an award in competition called Artist Against Poverty Campaign, sponsored by UNDP and National Arts Council of Zimbabwe.

He worked with UNIFORM in Zimbabwe doing poetry workshops for kids in remote Zimbabwe. He toured with Chysap Theater Arts in Portland, Oregon 2001 and in the same year he co-founded Artists for orphans, His poetry has been published in a lot of social change journals and many newspapers in Southern Africa.
Seeking a wider audience he resorted to song writing and chose reggae music as  he is  more comfortable with the genre. 2008 saw the birth of an album A NEW DAY, which is a blend of reggae and chimurenga.
The album got flying colors reviews from the Financial Gazette, Herald and The Worker in Zimbabwe.
Currently, he is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and with a band is called Ancient Radicals

Below are places I have performed to mention just a few
.Book café Zimbabwe 2001-2009
.Music for peace concert, alliance Françoise 2003
.Portland state University,  USA 2001
.Lewis and Clark College, Portland Oregon USA 2001
.HIFA (Harare International Festival of Arts)2001-2008
.Zim festival, California Seaside USA 2001
.Embassy Suites hotel Napa Valley California, 2003
.Chimanimani Arts festival 2000
.Ubuntu, Zimbabwe 2009
.Sanganai Tourism Expo 2008
.Pretoria State Theatre South Africa 25 MAY AFRICA DAY2011





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